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A great idea for an Apple commercial!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by G4scott, Jan 29, 2002.

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    I just got the greatest idea for an Apple commercial while reading (and swallowing my lunch for the second time) cnets Vision Series article on mike dell. It talks about how dell goes through price wars just to kill the competition, well I've got a great idea about what Apple could do to counter that...

    A Commercial!

    Show a family (a mom, a dad, and 2 kids, a boy and a girl. the typical all-american family!) crawling behind a pee-cee sales person in a muddy trench with barbed wire overhead, and bullets whizing over head with bomb shells going off, while the pee-cee sales person tries to sell them computers sitting outside the trench, and just as he introduces each one, it blows up! A victim of price wars. The scene would fade out, and it would say "The Next Day." Then, it would show the family walking into an Apple retail store, the kids running off to go look at the iMacs and iBooks, and the parents going to check out the pro computers. It shows them having a good time using everything at the Apple store, assisted by Apple's wonderful employees. At the end, it would show the family walking out of the store with a new iMac, an iBook, and some software and stuff.

    Apple could make a point that instead of plastering a pee-cee with ads on how cheap it is, and every nook and crannie of it's case, Apple could concentrate on what you can do with the computer. Also, Apple could show how affordable a Mac is compared with a pee-cee with the same features. A 60 second ad during the superbowl!

    Anyways, that's my idea. If i get bored, i'll draw out a screenplay, and stuff like that just so you could understand it a little better.

    I wonder if any Apple people come through these forums regularly? Maybe the Stevemeister himself! or not, but it would be cool (in my opinion) for Apple to have a commercial like this.
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    LOL, here's mine

    My apple ad would start out just like the winxp ad (ppl flying around everywhere) and then show them falling out of the sky. Followed by voiceover "If you want a reliable, stable computer - get a mac".

    You never know - someone in apple marketing/advertising might browse by this site... LoL.
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    hahaha, that's great, I love it!!!!
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    a small addition to my idea:

    While the family is crawling through the mud in the middle of the warzone, it shows the dell guy (steve) trying to sell them a computer, and then, BAAMMM! no more steve, no more dell, we're all happy!

    Did you know that that guy is in his 20's. there was a thing on the Texas Cable News network about him, since dell is from Texas. It's sad really, that such a great state be ruined by something so stupid.

    Oh well, it's nice to see that people like my idea :D
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    hehehe, my idea...

    Ever seen office space? my idea is kinda like a scene from that great great movie.. remember before they go to work on the day michael and samir are supposed to be fired? peter stole the fax machine that has given them so much trouble, and they take it to a field and beat it... i say we set our scene in a field.. a car parked to the side, and a few peecees are sitting out there... we play some appropriate beating music (in the movie it was gangsta rap that worked perfectly!) and we'll have a couple of guys beating the crap out of the peecees...

    okay, so maybe it isnt the best advertisement for apple, but can we do it anyway? ;)
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    My friends and I have beaten up a pee-cee with aluminum baseball bats before. We have this computer class where we are suppoused to get A+ certification, but we beat up computers anyway. I'll try to find the pictures. It was cool. Just remember, the best way to accelerate your peecee is at 9.8 meters/second^2
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    bye bye stevo, u shoulda got a mac.
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    What's wrong with Dell?

    Does everybody just make fun of Dell because they are one of the biggest companies selling PCs or does everyone really think their stuff sucks? I've owned two Dells (a desktop I bought several years ago, I started building my own after that, and a new laptop I bought about 6 months ago) and I've never had any problems with either. Sure they don't look as nice as a Mac, or a sony vaio or anything, but that doesn't mean they suck.

    Just to cut down on the flaming a little, I did just buy a new dual 1ghz tonight (my first mac), and I'll probably never buy a dell again.

    Actually, I'll agree with you guys on one thing, that steve kid has got to go :)
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    cool idea

    I once had an idea for one of those stupid Mentos commercials.... :D
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    Actually G4Scott, he is like only 20. He goes to NYU with me, very unfortunately. I am a film major while he, of course, is trying unsuccessfully to be an actor. Last year, my dorm room happened to be right next door to his for a semester and he had the nerve one night to knock on my door and tell me that I am making too much noise when the only thing I was doing was washing dishes. The kid is a nutcase.
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    Office Space rules... but I don't think that add would quite be in Apple's style.
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    Steve fan sites! what's next?

    As a response to ballinet, I do think that dell's inhale profusely. At my school, we just got tons of new dells, and all of their floppy drives have died, and dell won't let our school fix them. they have to be fixed by dell, or we loose the warranty.

    I wouldn't have a problem with the failure of these floppy drives, but when our school's networks doubles as a vaccum cleaner (yes, it sucks that much!) it's hard to get any work done if your files are stuck on a school computer.

    My older brother's laptop (a dell, unfortunately. He is a mac person, though, but he had to get a pee-cee for the "Red McCombs Business School at UT) and the plastic around the screen cracked. I know for sure that he is super careful with his computer, so I'm pretty sure he didn't abuse it. Besides, his laptop is built like a piece of crap (hence the name PC). When i pick it up, it creaks, and almost bends in my hand. The thing has little latches and levers everywhere that could break off (unlike my iBook :) )

    Now, i'm not going to say that dell makes the worst computers. Compared to most pee-cee's, they're probably a little bit better.

    Another thing i don't like about dell, is their price wars. they're killing innovation in the pee-cee world. You can't make a good computer these days, because it would cost too much. Dell has a cut throat strategy, but it doesn't innovate or do anything like that. They're just concentrated on the good of the company, not that of the consumer.
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    my god!!!

    that was terrible!!!!! :eek:

    yet....it brought a smile to my face... :)

    ha ha ha....I can't believe someone actually made a webpage about that guy! :p

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