A Harry Potter/ Hogwart's iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by devilot, Sep 7, 2005.

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    I'm not sure if it has already been mentioned, I tried doing a search for Harry Potter and well, iPod, but duh that didn't work out too well. The Apple Store link is here and this is what it looks like:
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    i saw that but am very curious as to what it will cost! The books individually in the UK iTMS range from £17 to £50 - so a box set for £150 or so plus the cost of an iPod! Ouch!
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    Ah... good thinking. This is what I've found as per the cost:

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    Ya, it's a cool idea, but seems like it's been killed before it got out the door since you HAVE to buy all the audiobooks with it. Now, it seems to me (a HP fan) that if you were going to buy a HP iPod you would probably be a pretty big HP fan already. That would lead me to believe that you very well may have one or more HP audiobooks.

    Seems like they are cutting off sales from the people who are most likely to actually buy the product. :(
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    Hopefully this is not the U2 iPod all over again...
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    I do wonder if there was a way to get the iPod w/out having to get the audiobooks? I'm personally not into the audiobooks... and I'm not a big enough HP fan to shell out the $$$ for the iPod, but you're right, it seems silly to sell it only as a bundle.
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    Like I wrote in another post I think the audiobooks are ridiculously expensive. It's $41.50 on average per book.

    That price per book is comparable to the total price for all 6 books in paperback from amazon: $43.21 ($26.22 boxed set of book 1-5 + $16.99 for book 6).
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    Well, I'm a big enough geek that I would love one of the new nanos with that Hogwart's crest engraved. :cool:

    But I would NOT pay (all those money) for the audiobooks... why would I when I can lend them on the library and rip them (legally)?
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    Is it really legal to rip them when you borrow them from the library? :confused:
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    Plug your headphones into your books and see what comes out of them...

    Audiobooks are always much more expensive than the print book...they don't sell a lot of copies, and somebody has to sit there and read the darn things. Book 6 alone on CD (17 of them, I believe) is $52.50 at Amazon. It's $50 through iTunes, so it's competitively priced.
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    It's only $35 on audio cassette, and iTMS is a cheaper distribution system, and the first book is $23.10 on audio cassette. That would make $174.90 a price that would be comparable to other audio offers, not $249.
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    Don't think the revision of the law this summer changed that, so if you obtain copyrighted material (except for computer software) legally you can copy it, and not only to yourself but to your closest friends and relatives... :cool:

    Edit: I have ripped almost all of Douglas Adam's books (and the original HHGTTG radio show)... and thought of starting with Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series next... :D
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    And we're both part of the nice macrumors.com family, right? ;) Just kidding.
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    That looks so kewl, I just wish that they did not have the iPod name plastered on the back.

    If the Crest is centered and the Apple logo is smaller and to the bottom, it would look neat.

    I think the better half of the world knows what an iPod and who makes it by now. Having the Crest only will make it unique and a collectors item. ;) :)
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    Also, FYI, I have all the HP audio books, and the guy who reads them, Jim Dale, is AMAZING. He has a voice for every character but it doesn't sound cheesy or silly, it is more like variation on a theme than a whole new voice. They are really well produced and I HIGHLY recommend them.

    That said, the iTunes price is a rip off. You can buy them on CD for that, MUCH cheaper if you go for a used set off eBay.

    Ah well, I was thinking about getting the HP iPod until I saw I had to drop $250 on the books I already have, and then I saw the nano and realized that my dreams had come true and that I will be getting a white 4gb model with 'Don't Panic' inscribed on the back. :)

    Oh, I too have just about all the DNA audiobooks. All the HGTTG books, all 5 series of the Radio Series, and Last Chance to See (if you are a DNA fan and haven't read that you have to. Now). Don't have the Dirk Gently series, however, and I need to remedy that.
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    Don't panic

    sorry but that's taken ;)
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    Plus the thing that REALLY sucks about this.

    You would think that by spending that much money you would get the hogwarts ipod pre-loaded with all the books. But no.. You get a code so that you can spend a LOT of time (Even with Broadband) downloading the books thru ITMS. No thanks.
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    That's so they can attach the DRM to the tracks. Was the same thing with the U2 collection.
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    Lil' bit overpriced for me.... though I'm a big Potter fan.
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    If they would have just sold it as a 20gb iPod, upgraded the regular iPod to 30gb and sold them both for the same price, and given you either a discount on the purchase of any HP iTMS items, or a code for one free book, or something like that, they would have had a shot at selling some, but as it is... well, I suppose that SOMEONE will buy it, but I can't imagine who.

    Also, I agree with maya that they should have centered the crest and moved the Apple logo down and shrunk it a bunch.

    Finally, no, you can't have the Don't Panic white nano. Get a black one or something! :)
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    It would be nice if the complete bundle audiobooks were lower in price instead of being the same sum as all of the books singly combined.
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    When they first started with the U2 iPod did you have to buy the library and the iPod as a set? Or could you just buy the iPod? I am thinking what will happen here is that they will sell as many of the "Package Deals" as they can and then when those sales start to stagnate they will then sell just the iPod without the book series attached.
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    question fear

    audiobook pricing

    From what I understand, audiobooks on tape vs cd: tape is cheaper to transfer voice, to get a good quality transfer on cd requires a great deal more expense, hence the higher cd audio prices.
    As for iTunes, the HP audiobooks are priced pretty evenly, it looks like the audio version of hp6 is about $20-30 lower than sticker retail.
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    You received a $50 voucher towards the roughly $200 U2 library... so no, you did not get the whole set, but you did technically shell out an additional $50.

    Actually, if you read the fine print on Apple's site, they will not allow you to get the Harry Potter iPod without having broadband and they warn that even w/ high speed internet it could/would take hours to download. :rolleyes:
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    I don't buy that. The original records are almost assuredly digital. It is WAY more cost effective to record, edit, splice, master, etc. audio digitally. To master a CD set from those digital tracks would be next to trivial. Mass reproducing them would be also be less expensive than tape.

    CD audio books cost more because people are willing to pay more for them. Period.

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