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A.I. in G5?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kman12681, Aug 4, 2004.

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    Hi all,

    Can anyone give some advice on this one: my dual 1.8 revb G5 turns itself on randomly. Not waking from sleep, but ON. I'll be in bed, and all of a sudden I will hear the startup chime, and sure enough, the computer is turning on. I've checked all the settings in the energy saver - no wake options are selected, nor is the schedule running. Moreover, the computer does it at many different times, not consistently. Has anyone experienced this? Furthermore, should I be concerned? The computer otherwise runs very well. Thanks for any insight

    - keith
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    have u checked if there was a mouse in there. :p

    But have u looked to see if the startup button does not have somtin wrong...maybe some loose wires...who the heck knows
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    Do you have Bluetooth? If so, in the Bluetooth prefs, have you enabled BT devices to wake your system? Perhaps you're getting errant signals from somewhere....
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    My money is on haunted computer. I work at an Apple Authorized repair center, and 95% of all problems are caused by ghosts.
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    roommate had same problem

    my roommate had the same problem. granted it was on a Gateway, but support narrowed it down to his network card. i don't know how, or why, but you might want to unplug if from the internet and see if it continues to turn on by itself.
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    On Macs, System Preferences...->Energy Saver->Options->"Wake for Ethernet network administrator access" will do this. If enabled, this might cause issues. Unlikely, but possible.
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    Maybe accidently turned on scheduled startup?
    system prefs -> energy saver -> Schedule
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    my sawtooth G4 used to do this, now while i believe the apartment i was living in at the time was haunted, i narrowed down the g4 problems to actually their being bad power in my apartment

    near as i could tell power surges were going through things in my house (even my surge protector, the problem stopped when i switched to a better one) and affecting the power supply and just wreaking havoc, you should get your wiring checked, it could be a bigger problem than your mac, it could start a fire. Make sure the line is good and make sure it's safely grounded.

    On a side note the surges ****ed up the power management on my g4 and now the thing doesn't even turn on anymore.
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    My Cube used to do this...but not randomly. 7.5 seconds after shut-down, it would turn itself on again. The problem: Speakers were plugged into USB port 1 and monitor in port 2. Should be the reverse.
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    a monitor in a usb port?? Eh?
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    USB hub in the monitor maybe?
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    oh ya forgot about those dang things.
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    I remember once in the middle of the night I must have rolled over on my IR remote control and it started up my PM 6500 with the volume on full.

    It scared the hell outta me.
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    Similar thing happened to me. Lesson learned: always get a UPS, not just a surge protector. If you can afford it, get one with USB connection to your Mac (CyberPower makes decent systems, many of which work with Macs). A good UPS will protect you from surges, sags, over-voltage, etc., and one with software that runs on the Mac will actually let you see conditions as they currently exist on your power line. As you can see, my voltage is a bit high now. If it gets much higher (or lower), the UPS will manage it for me and output 120V.

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