A Look at 'Health' and 'HealthKit', Apple's New Health Initiative

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    Ahead of WWDC, perhaps one of the most hyped features for iOS 8 was "Healthbook," which was said to serve as a Passbook-style app that aggregated a variety of health-related information in a colorful card array.

    While Apple did indeed announce a new health initiative and accompanying app, "Healthbook" turned out to be off the mark. The app is called simply "Health," and appears to differ a bit from how it was described in early rumors. According to Apple, Health is designed to be an "easy-to-read" dashboard of health and fitness data, which can pull in information from several different sources. "It might just be the beginning of a health revolution," reads Apple's iOS 8 Health page.

    The Health app keeps track of several different health metrics measured by various devices, including heart rate, calories, cholesterol, and more. It also features an "emergency card" that includes all of a user's important health information, including blood type and allergies, which can be displayed directly on the lock screen of an iOS device.

    As can be seen in screenshots of the app, it aggregates information into a selection of categories such as Diagnostics, Fitness, Lab Results, Medications, Nutrition, Sleep, and Vitals. Many of these categories can also be displayed on a dashboard chart, giving users an at-a-glance view of their overall health.

    Accompanying Health is the HealthKit tool for developers, which can be incorporated into both new and existing health and fitness apps to allow them to access the health data stored within the Health app. Users are able to choose exactly what's shared and can, potentially, choose to share data from a health-related app with a doctor. Apps can also be authorized to share information with each other. A nutrition app might share how many calories are consumed with a fitness app, for example.

    According to Dr. John H. Noseworthy, CEO of the Mayo Clinic, Apple's HealthKit has the potential to "revolutionize how the health industry interacts with people." The Mayo Clinic is already working with Apple and HealthKit, creating an app that allows patients to monitor their blood pressure, sending alerts to doctors automatically.

    Despite all of the focus on Apple's health related initiative before WWDC, the company spent very little time going over the Health app. It is likely we'll see an additional focus on Health in the coming months as it is likely to also integrate with Apple's much-rumored wearable device, the iWatch. Health and HealthKit, both part of iOS 8, are available to developers today with a public release of the operating system expected in the fall.

    Article Link: A Look at 'Health' and 'HealthKit', Apple's New Health Initiative
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    I felt like they didn't talk much about it. I figure they'll make a bigger deal about it when releasing the iPhone 6 + iWatch later in the year. It'll become far more important.
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    as this app most likely requires an iPhone5S + is there an updated list on the apple page yet that tells me what features of iOS 8 r working on the iPhone5? cant find any yet
  8. losthorse, Jun 2, 2014
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    Care to elaborate, other than the obvious goal of being first and not providing meaningful comment?

    So far all I see is a nicety for health care industry if patients so choose to use this, but overall I find it hard to fathom the majority of people will care enough to track this type of information to even care about Apple's all in one location for putting the info. If American's have proven one thing, it's that they don't care about their health (see obesity epidemic).
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    The issue is going to be which companies and apps will be compatible with this initially. I've avoided devices from companies like Fitbit and Jawbone because they can't track cycling activities, and it's not exactly easy to combine data entered into cyclist-friendly tracking apps like Strava and Garmin Connect.

    However, if Strava or Garmin Connect can be combined with Fitbit's app and all data can be compiled together in the Health app, this will be fantastic -- a breakthrough that is much needed in this realm.
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    That dashboard is better than the rumor with reminders-like UI which will makes you tap it one by one.
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    Stock prices never seem to rise much, or at all, after announcements, because the people in WS think just like you: If Apple doesn't introduce something absolutely game changing, they believe they're failing.

    Fact is, Apple did present lots of awesome new things today, a lot of them which go towards developers, which in turn will be beneficial to users. It's just not as direct as "here's new features for you users".

    Plus, surely a lot of these things will be expanded on a bit more with the introduction of the iPhone 6 (and iWatch?), such as the Health app.
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    Though the 3rd party app integration is obvious, this part of the presentation seemed somewhat incomplete since there was no associated hardware to do all the things craig was mentioning.
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    The only app I have that could be used with Health is Sleep Cycle.
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    Anyone else think this looks A LOT better than the fake mockups?

    Talk about tripping on colors.

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    I don't think I like it, I do own a withings scale and it is brilliant at syncing up with my iphone.

    But I don't think I fancy having to buy multiple bits of plastic to get a clear picture of my health.
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    Sorry but looking at one day performance is trolling. Apple shares have outperformed the market over the past 1-2 months. You are a buyer so it is understood that developer centric updates might not seem like innovation but Apple further entrenched users into its ecosystem with the improved continuity and a whole new generation of developers will be using Swift and create things for Apple they might not have otherwise. Admittedly these are longer range pursuits but lack of such investment into the R&D can have dire consequences for the company longer term. Just ask RIMM. As a shareholder you should be pleased and the hardware which most average folks salivate over will be forthcoming as per usual.
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    I think it's obvious that this was just a preview of what they will present in the fall with iWatch and iPhone 6. They had to establish that they were entering the health field now with everyone else rushing their products and services to market. This tells me that the iWatch is going to be a health beast. I can see them building something wonderful.
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    Because you didn't think of it first. ;)
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    Can't really think much use I could make of it, but knowing John Appleseed has hypertension explains a lot.
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    My reaction to the fake mockups: abject horror
    My reaction to the reality: cautious optimism.

    I agree with what others said, there's probably more to come on this in the form of something that (barely) fits in my pocket. :)
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    The best part of this app is the Medical Card. You can put in emergency contacts and health info. If you have a lock code on your phone any medical professional can turn on your phone and swipe left to get to the emergency call screen and on the lower left corner there is a medical card text that will allow them access to your emergency contact and medical info. That is sweet especially to someone that has medical issues.
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    Nice, I'm all for this!

    (My mockup looks better tho...)
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    For those Americans that do care about health like me.

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