A Lot of Time on my hands! :)

Discussion in '3,000,000 Post Contest' started by wimic, Nov 6, 2006.

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    i'm so creative... :rolleyes:

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    That's hot. :cool:

    Oh, wait... are you zipping it up?
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    A tad late to the party, are we?

    [sarcasm]I like your strategy though. Wait until the contest gets down to the final few and then jump in! Brilliant![/sarcasm]
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    Now that is unnecessary.

    I think it's great and creative. Very well done.
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    Thanks for the encouragement... ;)
    I wasn't jumping into anything - I just thought I'd input my ideas.

    And yes... I like to think I'm brilliant too!
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    It's a shame that you didn't enter it, I would have voted for it more than likely.

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