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A new Best Mac apps thread

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by iAlexG, Oct 1, 2009.

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    Its been a while since I have seen a new thread about peoples favorite mac apps. I really love mac software so i'll get us started, here are my favorite apps and why:

    Aperture: A pro app I received as a gift and it is truly amazing. Lets me organize and touch up my photos with ease. I know iPhoto does this too but if you have one of Apple's pro apps why not use it. ($299)

    Pixelmator: An affordable alternative to Adobe's Photoshop that is easier to use and nicer to look at. This app is beautifully designed and native. ($59)

    iWork 09: I have used Office all my life and now I use iWork. Its just amazing to use and is perfect. ($79)

    Yojimbo: Yojimbo is an amazing app that lets you make notes, archive pictures, pdf's, docs, txt, rtf and web archives. You can tag items for easy searching and create collections. You can add passwords and serials and encrypt content. Truly amazing and I use it every day ($40)

    Process: Process is great. It lets me compile info and set due dates etc. it will even remind me with an email!!! It was hard to see a use for this software when i first downloaded the trial but after using it for about a week I have realized it true potential. ($39)

    Cha-ching: it is a personal finance app that is easy to use and works better than many other apps. But the 2.0 beta ended yesturday so the app cannot be used, it sends you to their website. But the developer has not updated the app? What a pain, I may be forced to download Money (same developer as Process) ($?)

    There are many other apps that I love but these are my top few at the moment.

    Please post your favorites and thoughts. :D
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    1. The Hit List - very beautiful app that just works well
    2. Tweetie - simple and efficient
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    1. keynote
    2. aperture
    3. cs4
    4. istat menu
    6. vmware
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    VLC - Movie player
    Growl - Alerts system
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    GlimmerBlocker - Adblock for Safari - free
    ClickToFlash - free
    Fruux - like MobileMe, but does less - free
    DropBox - online file storage/sync Mac/PC/iPhone - free
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    actually +1 to 1password
    and add times
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    I dont really have a need for 1password so I store my passwords, serials and notes if i need to in Yojimbo (can still encrypt)
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    Current favorite apps...

    Spaces (virtual desktops are a MUST have)
    Firefox (Noscript, Lazarus, AdBlock Plus, Foxytunes - plugins)
    VMWare Fusion
    Lightroom (Adobe's version of Apple's Aperture - I prefer Lightroom)
    Photoshop CS4
    iStat Menu (Every Mac user should have this running)
    Growl (Same as above)
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    Here are a few of mine...

    Every single day use:
    1Password - password/serial # manager
    Growl (including GrowlMail) -notifier
    BusyCal -iCal on steroids
    Launchbar-application launcher and so much more
    iBank-finance manager
    Things-to do app
    Pandora One - online radio
    MacJournal - personal journal app

    Once a week use:
    MarsEdit - blog editor
    Together - database/file manager
    SuperDuper - backup solution
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    TrashMe = trash helper
    aMSN = msn client
    Bibdesk = reference manager
    Burn = burning utility
    ClamXav = antivirus
    Caffeine = sleep utility
    Growl = notification system
    Handbrake = video transcoder and ripper
    Jumpcut = clipboard utility
    Macam = webcam driver
    Max = audio transcoder
    NeoOffice = office suite
    Perian = very complete QuickTime codec pack
    Flip4Mac = wma & wmv codec pack
    XiphQT = another codec pack
    R = statistical analysis software
    Seashore = image manipulation (GIMP)
    Skim = annotate pdfs
    Smokin' Guns = fps
    Syrinx = twitter client
    The Unarchiver = archive utility
    Transmission = bt client
    Urban Terror = tactical fps
    VirtualBox = virtualization software
    Wine = windows emulator

    All items in this list are free.
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    No love for GIMP 2.6? Granted the UI takes a little getting use to - but once you do the program is very nice.

    BTW - Just checked Pixelmator on Amazon - it's $39 USD!
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    Just a few of my favorites to compliment those already mentioned....

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    Tweetie = Really nice, clean Twitter client (Free with the occasional advert or $20 ad free, i have the free version)
    MacJournal = Nice and simple journal software with password protection ($40)
    Transmission = Torrent Client (Free)
    Pages = Apple's word processor ($79 as part of iWork)
    Google Chrome = Google's browser clean and simple, still a few bugs but I really like it (Free)
    Things = Task manager, great organization app ($20)
    Blackberry Desktop manager = Syncing for my Blackberry (duh) (Free)
    VLC = Great media player that will play nearly everything you throw at it (Free)
    Last.fm = 'Scrobbles' songs to last.fm (Free)
    JiTouch = Some really nice multitouch add ons for multitouch trackpads ($5.49)
    Camouflage = Quick way of hiding all of the icons on your desktop (Free)
    AppZapper = A proper way to uninstall apps ($20)
    Keynote = Presentation maker just like powerpoint but 1,000,000,000 times better (part of iWork)
    OpenOffice.org = complete office suite for totally free
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    Get Lyrical - iTunes lyric fetcher
    iCompta - personal finance app - free
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    Scrivener, Keynote, Omni Graffle and Bee Docs Timeline 3-D

    None free. All worth it.
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    Lightroom (more powerful and better editing then Aperture ;) )
    Coda all in one css/html editor
    VMware Fusion
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    Nisus Writer Pro
    Notebook (Circus Ponies)
    Acrobat Pro
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    Beedocs Timeline 3D, CS4, Spotify, Pixelmator, Gimp, and Curio 6.2.
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    iWork '09, Keynote in particular.
    Finale 2009 (Windows, too, but the workspace integration on Mac is so much nicer)

    If I could get it to run more things, Wine. It actually runs core Windows .exe's fine (like Calculator), but every third party thing I've tried crashes or doesn't work.
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    bookends might just save my life :D
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    Pathfinder - finder replacement. Decent file manager, with dual pane ability, cut/paste files and lots more, can trial for free.
    Dragthing - excellent alternative to Dock, free trial.

    JDownloader (whether on Mac or Msoft) - for downloading from Rapidshare, Megaupload and many many others. Joins any split files automatically, stop/resume, control download speed & # connections etc.
    NTFSmounter ( at errrr, ntfsmounter.com )

    VLC - probably the only dvd and video player you'll need (not come across a format it won't play & it won't screw up your dvd regional setting either). Free.
    Handbrake - converting DVD's and video files, although latest version only has mp4 as output. Free.
    Mac the Ripper Free DVD ripper - rip a dvd to your hard drive.
    Songbird Music player, iTunes alternative.

    still using Opera browser too...

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    1. Aperture
    2. Scrivener
    3. ecto
    4. CyberDuck
    5. BlitzMax
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    1. Itunes (I use it for a LOT more than music. I use it for TV Shows, Audiobooks, and podcasts on a daily basis)
    2. Bean (a lightweight word processor)
    3.DVD Player (I literally use it daily for my homeschooling :O)
    4. Ichat
    5. Garageband
    6. IAntivirus
    7. Itunes Statistician
    8. Caffeine
    9. Istat Menus
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    Just wondering

    Most of these apps have to be paid...

    I am new to Mac..do you guys pay for these?

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