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A new colour-scheme for Yoobao?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by cal6n, Jul 19, 2010.

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    I saw the denim Yoobao case and I thought it'd look good in canvas and leather. You know, like the old military style.

    Anyway, I did a quick and dirty mock-up and here it is.


    If they made this, I'd probably buy one. What do you think?
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    What? Over 24 hours and no one has any comments to make?

    I can't believe that. You lot always have an opinion about everything! :)

    So, come on. What do you think? We know that representatives of Yoobao visit this forum and I'd really like to see them manufacture this option.
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    I like the pink leather.
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    It's supposed to be a reddish brown...
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    Dude thats alot of pink lol, But the material on the top cover is interesting :)
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    That is the nicest iPad case I've seen. Do they do other colours in it? I saw their first designs and could tell already that they were amongst the best.. this company has some talent on board, going to keep an eye on them..

    Oops nevermind, this is a mockup you done.. LOL!
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    They already make a denim and leather version:


    Just search for "Yoobao" on ebay.

    That's what I based my mock-up on. Here's take 2, hopefully with less pink this time!

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    I like the canvas one but I'd want darker brown leather.
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    I like the brown leather better. It looks nice.
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    I would buy this case if it were real. I like the brown color scheme much better than the denim one they currently offer.

    I actually have the brown Yoobao V2b case waiting for me in my mailbox tonight!
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    I didn't see pink the first time at all, not sure what was up with other people's screens. I like the reddish brown -- personally it looks better in the brown tones than the denim with grey. If the leather was the golden brown like stitching on denim jeans, then it would probably look better overall.
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    I would buy this case, as well.

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