A New Success for Parallels - Hot Announcements to Come

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 10, 2007.

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    I like this news. I like it a lot.
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    Probably 3D Acceleration. I hope they can get DirectX 9 though, because most DX8 games (which VMWare supports) are old now.

    DirectX9 would be a great announcement. Can't imagine what else they might have up their sleeve (besides Linux Tools)--but coherence did take me by surprise, so I'm ready see what they've got coming next!

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    Hot annoucement eh!?!

    Could it be that they [Parallels] is about to be snapped up by Apple? It could happen and it would make sense!!
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    Could be.

    Parallels rocketed to a very strong product and I find their solution the best out there currently.
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    Well they obtained Cover Flow in the same way and they acquired Finger Works for the iPhone.
    It'd be cool to see it integrated into Leopard but I doubt it. Maybe Digitimes was right all along! ;)
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    Ahh, well if that happens it'll just go to show that Apple are no different from Microsoft... :cool:
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    if parallels were to be bought by apple surely it would have dissapeard by now ready for leopard? also they are starting to sell macs with parallels pre-installed, add these to apple stating that there is NO virtualisation in leopard. 3d will be nice though :)
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    Making parallels disapear would be a bad move for apple considering how many people use it on Tiger.
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    With any luck, they might announce they are going to start providing support :rolleyes: A quick look at the forums, shows that a lack of response even from paid requests calls is still an issue, which is a disgrace. It's also the reason I removed Parallels. You'd have thought SWSoft would have "encouraged" them to have sorted the support issue by now.

    It's not to say the PD is a bad product; it's quite good if all you want to run is Windows, but as we know, there are other OS's, and Parallels support of them is not very good ( especially when you consider they've had Workstation for a long while, and still haven't developed *nix tools ).

    They're going to have to come with something special. Reading between the posts on the VMWare forum, it looks like Fusion might be priced not far from Parallels....

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