A new Vegas Game: "Hunting For Bambi"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Abstract, Jul 22, 2003.

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    I want to puke, but you lack a puke smiley. :(

    Only in America.

    Okay, I found a :barf: smiley from Fanhost...... [​IMG] There, I feel better, I think. Oh wait, no I don't!!! :mad:
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    We sure know how to have fun here in Vegas YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAA!!!!

    Seriously, I'm gonna have to check this out... Maybe I should drink a twelve pack before hand, though!!!!
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    This is just as bad as the influx of reality tv shows that are on right now...lame. :eek:

    Honestly, are we THIS bored as Americans?!
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    unless things have changed in the past couple of days, no one is sure if this is real. Has people in vegas riled up tho...

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    Mr. Anderson

    Wow, that's just not right. I don't see this lasting too long.

    I don't know what's worse, the guys wanting to shoot the women or the women willing to be shot....

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    Is prostitution so bad in Vegas they are having to thin out the herd?

    -- Jay Leno

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    The money the girls make I don't think would be worth getting pelted by a paintball on bare skin.
    Do they make them wear sun screen to prevent work comp injuries?
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    Have you ever been shot with a paintball gun? It hurts. The girls will get welts. And for $1000, its not worth it. What if they get hit on the eye? :(

    I say stick to prostitution. :cool:
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    It's amazing what people are willing to do for a $1,000. I don't agree with this in any way, a child like idea. As long as it's among consenting adults, the government should stay out of this. Nevada is just adding one more sin to it's lineup! :(
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    jeez. Paintballs hurt like a b*tch when they hit bare skin. a friend of mine got hit behind the ear once. he still has scars from it.

    Any girls down to do this are insane.
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    Guys like this give guys a bad name. This is so mysogynistic I can't even believe it. What if they were consenting black men? Or Arabs? Or Jews? What would people be saying then?
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    Americans arn't bored.. They're horney
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