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A Photoshop "Contest," if you will, to design the 2G nano...

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by BurtonCCC, Aug 26, 2006.

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    We've seen a pretty nice mock-up of a 6G iPod that somebody would like to see, so I wanted to extend an invitation to all you Photoshoppers to create a mock-up of the next nano. In some of the threads, people have mentioned they'd like a Front Row interface and I believe it's already known that we'll have some new colors, so don't submit a white or black mock-up. And I suppose the toughest challenge would be to try to show a different texture as the new nano has been rumored to have a material change to be more scratch-resistant (Magnesium chassis?). I'm not a Photoshop genius, so I wouldn't even know where to start, but I know there are some very talented artists on here, so I'd love to see what you can come up with. It might also be wise to include the text "Mock-up!" somewhere on the image so people don't have a freak out and post it all over the internet saying that it's a leaked photo.

    Good luck.

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    Okay, mine is done, but apparently I can't upload any photos because MR is being a jerk. Maybe tomorrow.

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    ok, will see what i can do when i get home on tuesday... much prefer photoshop on my imac than on my ibook... god i want a universal photoshop soon though :( cya'll later.
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    That would be unusable. How would you use something so small using only one hand? What if you're left-handed?
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    Maybe you could flip the screen? :) Looks good to me.
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    Just because you're smarter than me, doesn't mean you have to show off your smartness like that. ;)

    Yeah, I see your point. Problem is that SKIP FORWARDS would then skip your track backwards, and vice versa. This would only be a problem for left handers, so.....meh, whatever. :p
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    Left handed people can't use a click wheel with their right hand? :confused:
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    And how do you propose I hold it so that I can view the screen properly and use the click wheel?
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    Here it is: the next Nano. Sporting a Ferrari Red color and a "Photoshop Blizzard" finish. Now, it has the same capabilities as the current Nano since it is too small to play video, though it does sport a 10 GB flash chip (or whatever you would call it)- So take it for a test drive.

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    Here's what I did. I guess I'll a little better with Fireworks than I thought. I didn't know how to change the background back to white though. Not too much of a change, more just little things. I changed the Front Row look a little bit, because I think it looks better like this, and I couldn't find an existing one that fit.


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    I think you mean if your right-hand is busy with some... other endeavor... ;)
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    you mean like one handed web browsing;)
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    my eyes are melting..........:eek:
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    So basically, all that you did (visible) is you added some effects to the case of the current Nano + quick front row interface?
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    Despite the complaints above about usability, I really like your design. Nice job.:cool:
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    Well... Yeah- it was like a 15 min. job but I think the overall design of the Nano will not change all that much. The case is the most logical thing to change and I think that is all the 2g Nano will feature on the outside. (Think Mini, the only change from 1g to 2g was colored labels and more vibrant colors, no new interface.)
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    Would that be this one? :)
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    1: Apple doesnt like moving parts because they break relatively easily
    2: A slide out design like that would add bulk to the player, and would add inconvenience to the use - especially when performing simple tasks like adjusting the volume.
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    With the screen on the left and click wheel on the right...
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    Good God, no. :confused:

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    assuming a little too much are we now?

    if that were to hold true, why would they make a click wheel from a touch sensitive ipod?

    i can see someone getting upset from this post
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    They made the click wheel to save valuable space on the front of the device. Steve Jobs has said over and over again when announcing new product features that they did it to get rid of moving parts.
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    EW yeah I don't like that one either.

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