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A positive view for a change

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by phobox, Aug 2, 2012.

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    After all the negativity towards both Lion and Mountain Lion on these forums recently, I thought I'd share with you all my own experiences, most of which have been very positive.

    Back when Lion was first released I performed a clean install, wanting to start fresh rather than do an upgrade over Snow Leopard. The big OS change I thought warranted such a thing. As with most peoples systems, I had the odd problem with Lion here and there but for the most part the system was very stable and had no significant performance issues. Bearing in mind that by the time we got to 10.7.4, I had a very worn-in install meaning that a lot of stuff had been installed, uninstalled and played about with over the since Lion's release. I wouldnt consider myself the average Mac user either, for example I do a lot of command line work and have custom setups of various tools via MacPorts, including open source samba to replace Apple's own very broken version. I also have a number of cron jobs running daily executing some custom scripts and a whole host of other scripts run via hotkeys and certain system events. So I wouldnt consider mine your average install by any means.

    So along comes time to install Mountain Lion, I decided against my better judgement to risk doing an upgrade install (something I never usually do). I first ensured that anything installed deep into the system (i.e. Anything I had that had its own kernel extensions) for example Parallels, Vmware, Soundflower etc was fully updated. I then proceeded with the upgrade process and crossed my fingers. About half an hour later, install was complete and the system rebooted into my newly upgraded Mountain Lion install. I was surprised to see almost everything was exactly as I left it and whats more, everything was working perfectly... All my apps, my scripts, cron jobs etc all of them were working exactly as they did under Lion.. Even my custom setup of samba which I felt sure would get wiped out somehow or disabled... Nope, it too was working perfectly. I had read about issues people were having with iCloud and Notifications, so I tested those aspects and sure enough it was all working great. Ive since been playing with it all since day of release and to be honest Im impressed. Pretty much every annoyance i had with Lion has been solved and many things improved, most notably for me is Safari which is leagues ahead of its previous incarnation. Its so much quicker at rendering pages its almost comical. Also Im noticing improved performance in disk-to-disk transfers, app launch times and wake/sleep times.

    If this is indeed a sign of things to come for OSX then I think its a good thing. My apologies for the long-ish post but I thought a positive take on Apple's latest and greatest was worthy of a post :)
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    I did the same thing...Broke the habit of a lifetime and did an upgrade rather than a clean installation without issues...The main difference which adds weight to the positive slant of your post is that I did it on three Macs...imac, MBP,MBA all working flawlessly without requiring a clean installation...I did the imac first to see what if any problems I'd be likely to encounter, ut there were none.

    The only scary part of the entire process was the SMC EFI update on my MBA which revved the fans to 175% :eek: but after it re-booted it's fine.

    A few apps had to go, but that's par for the course, and it's been a pain free experience thus far.
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    Nice to see some positive aspects of ML being discussed. I personally opted for the clean install as both my iMac and MBP where full of junk and I wanted a clean slate. My experience with ML has been positive so far (other than battery life on MBP) everything has been perfect.
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    Haven't had a single issue with a standard Lion -> Mountain Lion upgrade. Didn't lose a single app. In fact, a couple of apps that others claimed they couldn't get to work; worked fine without any tweaks or reinstalls on my system.

    I read the complaints about ML on the Internet with a grain of salt. Some people take the word of strangers as gospel. I choose to determine my own level of satisfaction based on my own experience.
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    I too found a few apps working fine on my system that others had reported issues with, very odd. I've had no issues with any of the Apps I use regularly, they have all, besides one or two, been updated for ML.
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    i tried to open an app i've used for a year, and gatekeeper told me it was damaged; offered me the option to delete it. no big deal (as of course it works, and i continue to use it).

    but, outside of my macbook pro running a little hotter, am happy. for me, ML is the snow leopard of leopard; better, faster, more stable. smarter. :D
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    I don't think there are too many totally broken apps...It's just that certain aspects don't function properly...Istat Pro for one...I'm still using it, but parts of it don't work, or mis-report things...Since I only really need the Battery and temperature / fan monitors which do work, it's no big deal...It won't take long for the DEVS to release new, ML versions anyway.

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