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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by neoelectronaut, Nov 2, 2004.

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    You know, it's really a pain in the butt to be able to get all my Apple stuff from only ONE store in my area. (CompUSA)

    However, Best Buy, Circuit City, and more all sell iPods. What gives? They can sell iPods but not Apple Computers?

    Perhaps Apple should get some sort of deal going where...if you want to sell iPods in your store, you have to at least sell one Apple computer. (Probably an iBook or an iMac)
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    Apple has tried deals unsuccessfully in the past with many retailers. The reason it has failed is generally a lack of understanding of the Apple product line and the ability of the retail outlets to describe differences/benefits of Macs over PCs in a given circumstance.

    So, Apple has the cost of maintaining the sales channel in these places, but doesn't get the benefit of a large turn in inventory.

    The iPods, however, tend to sell themselves and they don't need the stores to be overly educated on the product.

    Edit: Sweet avatar - is that your original artwork?
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    I think that is why apple has launched the mini-stores concept.
    Hope it becomes a succes!

    btw, i live in a little city (about 200.000) and we have three Mac stores (they isn't apple stores, but they only sells macs and third party perferials like screens, videocams, printers..)
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    200,000 is little? Percentage-wise, your city is a larger part of Norway's population than New York is of the US.

    But it's nice to hear the you're being properly serviced by Apple!
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    I live about 25 miles away from New Orleans...and we don't have an Apple store. This is more or less aggrivating to no end. New Orleans is a MAJOR city. The closest Apple Store is a 4 hour trip (one way) to Texas. It'd be nice to have a bit more...options?

    Yesh, it is my original artwork, BTW, sort of a "anime-ish" version of myself.

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