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A question about mobileme + email before purchase

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by dangermou5e, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I have a issue with MobileMe which is stopping me from actually buying it. Currently on the 60 day trial. The service it self isn't cheap IMO, but the feature it offers for locating your phone and wiping all data from it is almost like an insurance policy. But this email issue I'm having is a major deal breaker for me, because as I said, it isn't cheap. The gallery, file transfer iDisk option and @me.com address are features which serve purpose for me. I'll get to the point -

    I heard it would be possible (from an Apple store employee in the UK) that if I got MobileMe I would be able to have my Gmail email pushed to my iPhone. This seems to be incorrect, because I can only set the @me.com email address to push. The others only have an option for fetch.

    Am I doing it wrong ???

    I would love some advice on this.

    Some feedback on what MobileMe is like in general would also be appreciated.
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    You can already set gmail to push without using mobileme.
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    No way :O

    Thanks, just saved me monies <3
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    you can set up gmail as an exchange account and have it pushed that way. What the apple store guy may have meant is that you can have your gmail forwarded to mobile me and that way it basically gets pushed through mobile me.
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    I have my iPhone pushing Gmail and MobileMe email. Works great.

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