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a sad day for folding

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by jelloshotsrule, Aug 7, 2002.

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    i just noticed we have been passed. we were at 43, now we're at 44...

    if i'm not mistaken, this is the first time we have been passed on our quest to the top 50. i could be wrong.

    either way, it's a sad day.

    we need more people joining!
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    Re: a sad day for folding

    Well we're already in the top 50, so our quest is over. That means we weren't overtaken on our quest, it was after our quest, so it's ok. :cool:
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    Mr. Anderson

    so if I switched from Seti - what would I have to do?
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    Again, I would join, but my personal computer cannot run OS X.:( I am currently trying to convince my dad to let me run it on his computers during the night(all of the computers run 24/7). The computers are: an ibook 500, an iMac 400 DV, and an iMac 800 15". He thinks it's a good cause. I'll keep you updated on my progress.:rolleyes:
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    ahhh, i'm not good with links...

    but check some of the older threads and find a link to the folding control app.

    or else go to folding.stanford.edu

    and download the apps. either the graphical or command line version. or both... and get rolling

    3446 is the team number. word
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    It doesn't help that both my systems are crunching a p145 work unit, that's taking days to process.

    And according to the F@H website, they are no longer running that protein.

    Whoever is alotting time frames for these proteins should realize the big ones take longer...

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    j-dog, I don't know what you been smoking, but we haven't been passed...yet.
    We're in 43rd on the F@H page and 42nd on the Statsman page.

    There are two teams who will probably pass us in the next month or so:
    StorageForum.net - 2271.61 ppw in 45th/46th and ~1300 points back
    Team Austech.Info - 2163.24 ppw in 46th/47th and ~ 2100 points back

    We're at 1682.20 ppw, but rising now that our lab is back on line.

    Let's get some new folders and pick up the pace.:D
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    Here are the links that you'll need for folding:

    http://folding.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/teampage.detailed?q=3446 ( our team page)

    http://folding.stanford.edu/ ( Home page of the Folding@Home )


    http://macaddict4life.dhs.org/folding_control.php ( The folding app that everyone uses since it enables both processors on dual machines and it's faster then the graphical and much more user friendly then the console one)

    Welcome to the team and happy folding!

    Best regards

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    i guess i probably looked at the statsman page one day and the folding page a few later... ie, saw when it was 43 on statsman and then saw 44 on the other

    i guess it's different cause of the ones that are anonymous right?

    well at least i got some other people interested! or can pretend it was me that did it...

    you know

    you know
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    are you ****ing serious?

    one ****ing word???

    what the *@#$&@#?

    and i thought krossfyter wasn't around anymore
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    This stinks, I have been folding for a little while now and moving up the ranks quite well, think #13 now! :) But my computers are all going into storage for over a month while I am going to Africa! I need to find some person with broadband in Seattle willing to put my computer in the corner so it can process while I am gone!
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    Re: Damn!

    I'd be stoked about going to Africa, if I were you.

    We'll hang in there while you're gone.:)
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    dig it
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    get over it

    typer- what part of africa? i hit up ghana this past winter.... during mwsf actually.... why are you going there, etc
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    Re: Re: Damn!

    Oh, I am! Just think, no computers, no phones, well no 24 hour electricity for that matter! Now I just need to make sure I can outrun the lions and such! :eek:

    An just to think, hopefully byu the time I get back the new PM's will be out!:D

    As for my trip, I am spending most of my time in Botswana doing habitat for humanity, but I am also visiting South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe (maybe, it is a little dicey there at the moment) Takeing a month holiday down there between contracts and trying to do some good while I am there! I'll have tons o pics when I get back up my site I can share...
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    eat me
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    hmm..... gonna have to pass for some reason....

    my stomach doesn't have that capacity for one

    typer- sounds cool. steer clear of nigeria.... from what i hear it's a bit dangerous there as well....

    have a great trip

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