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A series of tvshows under one icon

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by eddtr1, May 22, 2010.

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    Hi guys i have handbraked all the blackadder series for itunes and tagged with iDentify 2

    Now in Itunes when i drag the show in in the tvshow section I get each series as a individual show.

    I have selected them all and made sure everything is identical - each series has its own album art but i tested this by giving them all the same and it still split them - is this normal or should i be expecting all the series to be grouped under the one banner for blackadder as i want and not all individual shows

    Any help?
  2. JPM
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    In iTunes, they are broken out by series/season as you describe. I have a couple of series of Top Gear bought from iTMS and each series shows up individually in iTunes.

    They should get grouped together under one label on the Apple TV though.
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    That is quite annoying - i would of hoped just to have one tab! Also individual posters for the series and then maybe a overall one for the actual tv series that would be good! - maybe in the next version of itunes then hey!
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    Is it possble to have a film which has two dvds under the one entry. I have I am Legend which has two discs one is the alternative ending - can I put this into Itunes as one entry and then select which one i want to play?
  5. JPM
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    AFAIK no, unless you learn to create an "iTunes Extras" movie for yourself.
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    Metax or subler will both do what you are wanting. I've never used identify 2 so I have no idea. But with metax and subler you can call them all as the show name, group by season and give them episode numbers.

    For I Am Legend, rip and encode both versions. Tag both of them. Then add both to iTunes - click on 1 and Get Info - under sort put I Am Legend, then under Show put something like I Am Legend 01 and 02 for the other one.

    When you scroll through your movies on AppleTV you will see a folder of sorts called I Am Legend, click on that and you will see both movies.
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    iTunes will not group all the seasons of one show. The only way to achieve this would be to number sequentially every episode from season #1 to the end of the last season. The different season artwork should show up in your ATV menu as you scroll through the episodes, but iTunes will display the whole show as one season and with Episode #1's artwork.
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    Yes. You can do this. Just give them an identical name under INFO>VIDEO>SHOW

    I'll give a show name like "Harry Potter Movies" and all the Harry Potter Movies are just one entry in AppleTV. Stop on that entry and the art work for all six movies float by. Click on that entry and you see the six movies that you can select.
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    That is what I do on mine, though I am using FrontRow, not ATV. I have, for example, every episode of 24. They are named "Day 1: 12:00-1:00" etc. I also have all the Family Guy, Office, Breaking Bad, Dexter, etc, all with the individual titles per episode. They are in sequential order. Every season premiere, I will add the season number, like for the Office season 4 "4-episode title" and season 5 is "5-episode title" and so on.

    Lately, (with in the last 8 months or so) after converting to mp4, itunes automatically places it in the movies section. I then change the meta data and give it a series name, episode name, episode number and change it to "tv show". In Front Row, the title and everything changes, and goes in to the tv show, but instead of saying "The Office" it says either Various or Unnamed. I have changed several of the fields trying to figure out where the mix up is, but I can't get it to work.

    Also, the episode stays in the movies list with all the "real" movies, so now with all the tv shows that I have imported, as well as the movies, my Movies list is unuseable, and my tv show list is full of various's and unnamed.

    I've actually posted about it twice here and here, and never got a reply. Maybe someone can help here? I really like Front Row, but right now, it is a pain.

    I am simply double clicking out of iTunes right now.
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    If you're changing the media type to "TV Show", then both iTunes and Front Row should pick that up. As for naming and numbering, have you put the name of the show in the "Show" field? If you do this, iTunes and FR know to group any episodes under that one show. They will be sorted by season (which it seems like you want to bypass) and episode number. If you leave the season blank, sequentially number every episode (or maybe use "1-x", "2-x" etc. in the episode field, but I've never tried this), then you can put the proper name for the episode in the name field without it affecting the listing order.

    If you're tagging the files correctly in iTunes, including the media type, then I do not see how iTunes would put them in the wrong place.
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    I can't speak for FrontRow, but in iTunes, for them to show up grouped by season, just modify the following info:

    In Get Info, on the Info tab the first show of the first season would look like:
    Name - Title of episode
    Artist, Album Artist - Blackladder
    Track Number - 1
    Album - Blackladder, Season 1

    Then on the Video tab:
    Show - Blackadder
    Season - 1 (or whatever season number to group by season)
    Episode - S1E1 (season, number, episode, number)
    Episode Number - 1

    Then in Options, make sure the type is TV Show.

    That's it. Now all of your shows will be grouped by season...
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    That's just it... both iTunes and FR recognize the change to TVShow, but in Front Row, the original import that was in Movies never leaves, even after being switched to TV Show. So now, I have in my movie list about 8 selections called "Pilot".

    Furthermore, the shows that have had new episodes added to them, while previously were called "The Universe" are now called "Various" or "Untitled". Inside of the Various, all the episodes and banner art are retained, but the title just doesn't jive.

    I am considering getting ATV, but I really don't want the incongruence of FR to transfer over to ATV.
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    I only us ATV, not Front Row. My understanding is that the ATV makes up it's own mind as to content listing from the tagged material it's presented, so updates and changes always filter through. This has been my experience. For example, I can tag a file as "HD", even if it is not, and iTunes will give it the HD flag. ATV checks the resolution, and will not show the HD flag unless the resolution is above 480.

    TV shows on the ATV are grouped so that there is one entry for a show, under which all the episodes are listed in order, with a divider between each season. It's really a very elegant interface.
  14. JPM
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    Thanks for the tip! I didn't know that would work for movies.
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    Yea this worked for me two - i am quite chuffed at that! now if you have a film with two cds or dvds or you just want the extras or something you can add it as a group of films. I dont mind Harry potter having individual entries as they are all single films. But when a film has two versions such such as I am legend (alternative endings second one is better than the cinema relase in my opinion) then its great the Apple Tv can group as one.

    What i dont like is that you cant see the changes you make in Itunes refelected in the Appple Tv until you physcially go and have a look! I wish there was a way i could check how it looks with out having to go downstairs - but anyho not a major prob as long as all is tagged correctly then you should be fine!
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    Me neither. I've been using the "Sort" field to make sure that related movies are grouped in the list, but it looks odd for movies like "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight", because the latter is way out of sequence alphabetically.

    This is a neat trick. Now I can have a "Batman" entry and include those two as well as the 1989 version. Same for LOTR, Bourn, Bond, The Terminator, Alien...

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