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A Tour of Microsoft's Mac Lab

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Wow - they have a lot of Macs.
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    I was reading that earlier... they have a lot of Macs. :eek:
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    I really liked the image of the minis all lined up, and controlled with Apple Remote Desktop. I guess we know of one customer at least for ARD 3 :)


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    sweeeeeet:D :D
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    i personally liked the picture from inside the Dell server cage where mac servers go when they are bad.
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    wow that was neat...hope he doesn't lose his job like some other M$ employees and their blog.
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    He works for microsoft :mad: but he works with macs:)

    I feel so conflicted. Not really, he seems like a nice guy but my god how dull this make the whole process seem. The incredible thing is that packages still ship with bugs - I guess 1 million users trumps a bank of minis any day of the week.
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    Wow that's really cool. I'm suprised a Microsoft employee would show that too the public. :eek:
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    all those macs are cool.

    but those employees get free fresca!
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    OOH.. free beverages! Hell, I got free beverages at my last job and it was a VERY small company. They put in a soda fountain machine.

    Google on the other hand gives you free gourmet food all day long. Massages. Fun time to play around.
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    kinda relaxed don't you think :cool:

    is that why there's so much delays with the osx microsoft products?
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    If we could now see Apple's Windows Lab.
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    Amazing :eek:
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    HA. Actually that would be interesting.

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