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A Video Game Made Me Do It!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. Anderson, Nov 15, 2002.

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    Mr. Anderson

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    it's the people like this who are going to get restrictions placed on all the mild mannered gamers out there who would never break the law like that. Greece almost banned video games entirely, it would be horrible if that happened here, though not likely.
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    Mr. Anderson

    That won't ever happen, its too big of an industry. One particular game? Maybe.
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    When I first read about GTA 1, I heard that it was illegal in the UK because of crap like this. More specifically, the fact that it portrayed crime and killing, and the killing of police, in such an entertaining light.

    As far as whether or not the game made this kid go out and jack some cars, i say, there was crime before video games, but the public at large seem to have just accepted the fact that some people can't tell the difference between reality and a light eminating from a box in your living room.

    No kidding. He probably wanted to get caught anyway.
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    Yeah they were also talking about how the new GTA has a sniper mode in the game and how that shouldnt have been allowed because of the recent sniper incident, but I think thats all crap, violent games dont make people want to kill, they already want to kill or hurt people and thats why they play the violent games:D but not all of us who take pleasure in blowing a zombies head off want to do the real thing to innocent people in real life.
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    In my experience, this is not so. My brother started playing violent video games, listening to violent music, and watching violient movies at a very young age. And today, at 18, he is the most ruthless character I know. He's been in trouble with the police on more than one occasion. You can't even talk to him these days; he starts arguing with you when you do. And the funny thing is, the older he got and the more he immersed himself in sex, drugs, and violence, the worse he became.

    Bottom line, I know for a fact that the media has an effect on people. 'Nuff said.

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