A Vision of the Future!?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by celaurie, Jul 2, 2003.

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    This is what I call a MacAddict!

    Check out this movie and then the overall site!

    Nice work, I think you'll agree!

    Chris, the mightily impressed
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    thats pretty cool. But I am still glad I speak spanish and not french :p Just more useful in the US :)
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    Did you see the movies on the lower left side?
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    omg the movies. i just watched the enya one. my god that guy is talented. wow.

    those renderings are absolutely incredible. wow.
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    Apple. If you are listening, please make a machine like this. Please. I beg you. This is a very good concept. I wish they would make a Small Form Factor Mac.
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    This went around as a possible G5 case design prior to WWDC.

    I'm not that impressed with the PowerTank/Safe...
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    Mr. Anderson

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    I guess I never realized the French were so Mac crazy.

    Maybe this is the common ground the UN is looking for to bring the old friends back together...
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