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a way to clean the scratchs at the back of the iPod?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by toughboy, Nov 10, 2003.

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    I was a proud user of 2G iPod 10gigs, and I bought 15gigs 3G in middle of the summer. Just like the 2G, 3G has the chrome back and it got scratched awfully in about 2 months or so..

    I remember that they could clean the scratches from any swatch watch, but I guess this is a different matter..

    any one having an idea about how I can get these scratches off my iPod???
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    Buy some really, really fine sand paper (1500 grade or so) I use the stuff to polish steal, aluminum and copper samples for testing at university. Comes up so smooth and shinny it's amazing.
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    Anyone have any suggestions for scratches on the front of the ipod particularly on the lcd display. I have a couple of annoying scratches on mine.
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    If you use any sand paper on clear plastics, it gets frosty. Fine sand paper is good for metal, but not fine enough for smooth plastic surface. The only way to go, as far as I know, is to use buffing paste along with a soft pad-equipped power tool like a power drill.

    I'm not sure if this will work with iPod surface though. iPod might have a protection chemical layer on top of the actual plastic like plastic eye glasses.

    I have an iPod myself. And I've given up on the scraches. I don't understand why Apple makes tons of stuff that looks good, but gets dirty so easily (e.g. iBook, Tibook).

    I used to be an industrial designer :)
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    thanx for the reply

    what I'm afraid of is, sandpaper may erase the apple sign and if anyone has laser engraving, it can erase that too.. but still, looks like a useful way..
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    For the scratches on plastic go to an auto store and buy a plastic polish...the finest grade they have. This stuff works wonders. Its the same stuff used to buff out scratches on the instrument panel cover, and on headlights.
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    I'd suggest "Jeweler's Rouge" you should be able to find it in a local hardware or drygoods store. I'm not sure, but I beleve there are different kinds for different materials. It usually comes in a stick, you'll need a small clean rag, you lightly wet the rag, and rub in on the stick, then run the rag (as though you are polishing) around the scratch. Works great on glasses (Glass or Plastic), there should be a metal version, or they are all one in the same. I need to get some to fix the front of mine, a small "pit" developed in my LCD so I need to clean it up.

    BTW, I have a 40GB iPod, with Apple Holster; I kept the tag in, and it hasn't scratched my iPod yet. (2 months of use)

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    if you want a really cheap solution, and are willing to do *many* repeat applications, Brasso works on both the front and back. rub it in good when it's liquid, let it dry, buff off. you can get it at any walmart/target/home depot/etc in the cleaning section.

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    I remember reading some years back that toothpaste applied and smeared on the lcd of watches will remove superficial scratches. If memory serves me correct, I tried it and it worked. If the scratches are deep, all bets are off.
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    Sweet, iPods scratch way to easy.
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    I don't mind the scratches. I have a first generation iPod and have never made any attempt to "clean" it. Now it is so scratched on the back, it just looks like chaotically brushed metal. Lots of character.
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    thanx for all the replys.. I hope all the ipod owners who read this thread learned something about how to clean their scratches :)

    or maybe we all should have chaotically characterized iPods... :)
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    has anybody removed the apple logo as well while using sandpaper? =\

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