A White line Appear on the Screen of My New Macbook Air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by alchemist9, Sep 15, 2013.

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    I just bought my Macbook Air a week ago. This is my first apple laptop. I'm quite satisfied with its overall performance. But occasionally, when I open a new window, a white (or slightly colorful) thin line appears on the screen. It gets disappear when I switch to another window.

    Here is an example

    So I'm just wondering, is there some problem with my machine? Does anyone encountered the same problem before??

    PS. Mine is 2013 version i5 256G with 8GB memory.
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    I noticed a line as well on my 2013.

    It comes up every time I have a minimized window and go into app expose. It looks like a poorly done border to me.
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    Feel sorry for that.

    I myself had the exact same problem. Twice.
    I called the service center, and replaced my Air twice.
    To me, it happened when I start my Air, or when minimize any windows.
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    Same issue with my mba 2013.
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    I've had the same thing happen as well. It briefly flashes and disappears. Personally, I find it only a tiny bit annoying, but not enough to do anything about it.
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    I would tend to agree with this. It's a poorly designed border or other UI element that is becoming visible when it should not be. Perhaps the 10.8.5 update will correct it if you have not already installed it? If not, I would put money on Mavericks fixing it.
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    Mavericks did not fix the issue sadly :(

    I also got the issue and now I need to send it in for repair 2-3 weeks without computer :(
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    I also have this issue, however I would find it hard to replicate it to warrant a repair. Is it worth going in for a repair?
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    I did send a written desceiption of the error and the aasp did tell me that they THINK that it's something wrong with the GPU and needs to replace the logicboard.
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    I've seen it as well. As stated, it's difficult to replicate on demand.

    2013 MBA.
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    I've had this issue as well. It's only happened a few times but there have been updates since the last time I saw it and don't really care as long as the whole LCD goes bad. Then I will take it in for service.
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    I have the same or similar issue. I've attached an image of what I saw the other day within Safari bookmarks. It's a MacBook Air 13" upgraded to 8GB RAM - so not stock but that's the only change from stock MacBook Air 13".

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    take it back for an exchange!
    hopefully you will receive an Air with a different display.
    panels are made by Samsung, LG and AU Optronics - the last one is the best
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    Only possible if the laptop isn't a custom to order build, since they won't stock your exact one in the store. Which means that the you'll have to hand yours in repair which might take weeks
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    ok - just realised this is an older post from September, thus you are quite correct.
    were it 'a week ago' then Apple would replace irrespective of the configuration.

    if purchased in an Apple store or a reseller, then a repair is on the cards - which shouldn't take 'weeks'.

    usually it's a matter of they inspect and test, order the panel (book the Mac in for repair) you take your Mac home and continue to use it in its current shape.
    They then give you a call to say the part is in, you front up with your Mac and you should get it back next day - or the day after.

    at least that's the way it works here in Australia … …
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    I can also confirm that the white line has happened to me but only for half a second then it disappeared.

    2013 13" MBA, just bought it yesterday at Best Buy.
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    First thing that comes to mind is did you go back to the store that you bought it from if that was an option?
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    Has anyone noticed that the issue has just gone away on its own. I know I used to get the lines every once in a while when the machine was new. But now it's almost 6 months old and I can't remember seeing it since before I last posted in this thread (Sept).

    I feel pretty confident to say that it's not a software issue as an update surely would have fixed this by now. That means that it's something with the hardware, either the screen or GPU. But perhaps it just needs a burn-in period.

    It doesn't look like this is a major issue either. A quick google search only turns up this one thread, and there's only a handful of us that have posted about it.
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    I have not seen the line in a few weeks to a month.
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    I never seen that line on my MBA. o_o
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    Never had the line on screen. Though I don't use App Expose that often. I mainly CMD+Space Bar to open my apps.
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    I also got this also have lines inside the frame in menus, it's limited to finder only.

    Got my case esc to apple eengeners, 'll replay bacl after they have analyzed my logfiles.

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