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ABC Player updated and 3G video quality VASTLY improved.

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by phpmaven, May 23, 2010.

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    The ABC Player was just updated to improve the 3G viewing experience. I just watched an episode of Lost on 3G and it's looks light years better than it did before. Not as good as WiFi of course, but pretty darn good. It just shows you that the iPad is capable of much better video over 3G than we've seen. I'm sure that YouTube and others will be updated before long as well. It also shows that the video performance over 3G has nothing to do with AT&T throttling the bandwidth.
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    I always watch it with wifi and 3G on and the picture is so, so clear.

    Watched the Grey's Anatomy Finale on it.

    My heart...was racing. :eek:
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    Well yes, but I'm talking about over 3G. WiFi always looked great. 3G looked like crap until this update.
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    Now if only they'd fix their crappy programming. ABC sucks. I wish Fox or another network had a similar App.
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    I totally agree. I hope all of the networks end up doing this. I think we will see it eventually.
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    I envy you guys. I live in the sticks and still have to deal with the Edge Network. It works, but leaves much to be desired.

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