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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by seabass069, Oct 23, 2005.

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    Does anyone know how many software instruments come with Abelton Live 5? I have Garageband and some of the Jampacks. I was told that Live 5 is a far better recording suite. I have heard about VSTs'. Does any of these come with Live 5?
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    Live is all about recording and mixing umm.. live... sounds.
    I am not aware that it comes with any instruments.

    Are you thinking about Reason, perhaps, which is all about sequencing with software instruments (but doesn't do sampling on its own)? Or Logic, which can be purchased in bundles with a bunch of different instrumements?
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    I have Live lite 4. I have never used it, but I can get Live 5 for $250. They give a pretty big discount if you have a previous version. I was told that with VST's your instruments are virtually endless. Then I started looking at the cost of these and there expensive. The VST's are as much as the recording program itself.
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    Well, VST is just the name of the technology that allows you to connect one music program to another inside your machine. VSTs can be effects, instruments, lots of things.

    Go have a look over at http://www.macmusic.org/home/?lang=EN in the Software area. There are a wide variety of instruments, available, listed at MacMusic and elsewhere, from freeware to shareware to outrageous.

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