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About 2 get a powerbook, a few question

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kaltek, Dec 23, 2005.

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    I am getting the 17" powerbook 1ghz Aluminum on the 27th (A late xmas present) and wanted to know a few things

    Any software you would recomend? i have had a mac b4 but only owned it for a month (the 12" was just too small for me) I mainly use my computer for word processing and media a little gaming. Right now I am really into desktop enhancements so if you know of anything that lets you customize the dock more Plz LMK.

    Im getting it used (i know) anything i should look for in terms of defects or damage that might be common?

    what updates should i be looking for (besides Tiger) i think the os thats comming with it is jaguar

    anyway thanks for you imput in advance
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    mad jew

    Welcome back to Macs. :)

    I'd look at getting Microsoft Office for Mac as a start. Look around on VersionTracker for apps that'll change your themes and Dock settings etc. :)
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    desktop stuff

    id try candybar, its a pretty goo desktop cuztom thing as well as shapeshifter for a start.
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    thanks for the welcome

    cant wait to get it
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    I would put some RAM in it. It'll make that PowerBook just fly.

    Congrats on the new Mac. :D
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    I have a extra stick of 256 but its ddr266 and i belive the ram in the pb is ddr333 (512)

    will it still work?

    on another note: price i paid 1300US for it here are some quick specs

    17" (lcd just replaced)
    1GHz G4
    60GB hdd
    NV MX440 64Mb
    512 ram
    170 some days of applecare left
    all the other toys

    just wondering i have no idea the value of macs and was wondering if i spent a little too much?
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    No, I think you paid a pretty good price! $1300 for a 17"? Heck ya!

    What are "all the other toys" ?
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    backlit keyboard
    airport extreme
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    $1300 is an excellant deal for a 17" powerbook! I have yet to see one of those puppies in person...I fear if I do I will fall in love.
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    Fire up textedit and type out every single key on the keyboard to make sure they work. I really haven't heard about any issues with the 17" PBs, but you might want to download CoconutBattery and keep an eye on your battery for the first couple of weeks after calibrating it.

    As another MR user mentioned, Office for OS X is a worthwhile buy. It comes with Excel and Entourage (Outlook for Mac). Pretty handy. Oh and congrats on your new Mac! :D

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