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about iPhone app signing !!!

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by sujithkrishnan, Jun 3, 2008.

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    Hi all.

    i wud like to know about the application signing and deployment.
    I went through some forums and i didnt found any communication for beginners.

    My doubt is that "is the certificate is for a particular developer or for only one application or one iPhone?
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    Ask Apple.
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    You get one certificate per developer, valid for an unlimited number of applications.

    The certificate seems to work on one mac only (the one you use to generate the certificate request in Keychain).

    Each developer certificate can be registered to work on up to five devices.

    You use the program portal (on the ADC website) to create 'provisioning profiles' for each application you create. This allows you to run the application on your nominated development device(s). You can create unlimited provisioning profiles.

    Hope that answers your question.
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    Thanks a Lot...
    Still i want to ask you,

    is the signing for application is required during the developing phase?
    or only when i set for distribution?

    i am planning is to just test my application in device ?

    all what i am having is a apple id (free iPhone developer -online membership)

    reply ..

    Thanks again for clarifying almost..expecting a reply for this too
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    You must sign your application before you can run it on an iPhone or an iPod touch (a real device). To do this, you need to pay for the certificate and the iPhone Developer Program, at a cost of $99 (US) per year.

    Once you have a certificate, running your application is very easy; you just need to set your project in XCode to use the correct details and it will just work.

    Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.
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    I have a question :) Apple finally fixed a bug on their system for me, so I was finally able to pay my $99 (which I just did.) Now what? Where do I go to get a certificate, etc. It looks like they are shipping me something? Did I miss something.
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    Wait a couple hours, you'll get another email from Apple Developer Connection. Just be patient.
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    Cool thanks. I've been pretty patient - I was accepted to the program Apr. 18, and have been working with Apple since then to get their database to realize it :)
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    It takes a little while to get the ADC asset registration number once it first gets into the Apple Store system. Don't worry, its on the way. Once you activate the asset on your ADC account, you'll be able to access the firmware downloads and the Program Portal.
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    I got my activation and am in the program portal.

    One more question: i know at one point provisioning a device rendered it useless for phone calls and such. Since I use my iphone (as a phone, etc.) do I need to go get a second device, or is it now generally safe to provision it as a development device?
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    I've used my iPhone daily as a cross-personal/development device since Beta 2, so you shouldn't have any problems. That's not to say that you won't (which is the reason for the "only use this device for development"-type warnings all over the Portal), but its unlikely.
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    Awesome. In only 13 hours (at the current rate of downloading certificates and such) I will be good to go ;-)
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    :( I'm so jealous... why haven't they accepted me yet to the program... (I applied once April 6 and once again in the beginning of May.. with two different accounts.)

    Also, why can't I test apps on the iPhone simulator? I downloaded the OpenGL sample code from apple's website (Crash Landing), but it won't run on the simulator. When my iphone is connected, Xcode asks me if I want to use it for development, but I don't know if I'm supposed to. Can I? If I could, I would, I just don't want to risk bricking my phone. Attached is the error message screen shot.

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    It won't brick your phone, but it won't do anything useful, either, unless you are accepted to the developer program and set up the certificates and such.

    Do you have the latest version of the beta sdk? OpenGL stuff is supposed to run on the simulator now.
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    My guess is that they have set it to not run on the simulator because it relies on the accelerometer to control the space ship, which you can't mimic with the simulator.
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    Yea, I guess that makes sense. I do have the latest version of the SDK (6) but I guess that's not good enough. :(

    I wish I was accepted into the program.....

    Why Apple, why wasn't my application good enough ;)
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    Relax. Eventually they will let everyone in.
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    I have "development provisioning profile". I want to send this application( helloworld.app) to my clients. I am able to install in my Device. I have added clients UDID's to my device list. Installed using XCode in my device. I sent that binary to client. When they want install using iTunes they are getting an error "The application Helloworld is not installed on iPhone "xxxxxx's" iPhone, Becuase the signer is not valid".

    Can any one help me, what i need to do?
    I guess i need to send provision profile also to client. But i need instructions also.

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    I'd suggest looking into ad-hoc distribution.
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    adhoc works follow instrucitons

    there are detailed instructions to adhoc deployment that you can use for testing on the iPhone dev portal..

    Read these carefully at least 2-3 times before starting. I read it like 10 times before starting. They have updated it recently so its pretty clear... just follow the steps.


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