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About To Bid On Ebay

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by sk8erboy, Dec 7, 2005.

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    a couple of deals that i find very very very hard to give up.
    can you tell me about them.
    perhaps which one i should jump for?



    does the first one seem like a stolen camera to you?
    it says that it does NOT include a battery charger?
    seem fishy?
    i emailed him and he said that he didnt not know how many times the shutter was actived?
    more fishy?
    idkk you tell mee!!
    thanks agian...

    3 hours remain.. ahh.
    im so excited. yet so .. ebayed out.
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    my vote for the 2nd one

    1st one a lil fishy
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    The first camera seems a bit fishy...
  4. g^3
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    [ url=http://blah]text to show[/url ]

    (Remove spaces)
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    Well, the D70 is the older model. Maybe you'd be just as well off buying a D50. :confused:
  7. -hh
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    Well, the Ebay bid is closed, so I missed the comment opportunity window.

    In any case, another option is to check out the Used gear pages over at B&H.

    For example,

    here's a D70s (body only) for $699 which is $75 less than what the Ebay D70 w/lens went for.


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