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absinthe thread vs. drunk thread

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by gwuMACaddict, Nov 23, 2004.

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    we have a thread about absinthe, a drink known to cause hallucinations and get people wonderfully effed up...

    and this thread is up to like 40odd replies as a type this...


    we can't have the drunk thread anymore?

    what gives?
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    i dont think it's alcohol that we are not allowed to talk about, but that the original drunk thread went kinda crazy and non-sensical toward the end there and thats why it was eventually shut down
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    i suppose... though many memebers (wdlove comes to mind) used the thread to discus wine and other liquors responsibly... i just fail to see any real difference between the two threads... not that i want the absinthe thread shut, just some parity... (i miss the drunk thread)
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    shhhhhhh! Don't get the absinthe thread closed! :D
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    i miss the drunk thread too, i think a lot of older members do, and as long as spamming and completely off topic posts dont start going into the absinthe thread then there will be no reason to shut it down, and who knows it might become a pseudo drunk thread
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    trust me... not at all what i'm trying to do... i just miss the drunk thread :(
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    I think the people who posted in the Absinthe thread should all be banned....



    wait a sec... nevermind. :)
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    If you want to know why the Drunk Thread was shut down (multiple times) just ask eyelikeart. He explained it all to me, and I agreed with him for the most part.

    But I do miss it.
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    Mr. Anderson

    There is a difference between a discussion on a top and list of what you happened to drink that night..... not spam vs. spam

    Its pretty simple, actually.

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    i guess i see it differently... they both look like threads about what you did last night or last week or last month... how effed up you were, how funny it was, etc...

    but you guys are the moderators... i was just curious :eek:

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