AC/DC Finally Available on iTunes

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    Lifehacker notes that AC/DC's music has finally appeared in digital form on iTunes. [Direct Link]
    AC/DC's selection includes the "Complete Set" for $149.99 [iTunes], Studio Collection for $99.99 [iTunes], Ringtones, Live at River Plate, as well as individual albums.

    AC/DC had previously rejected iTunes distribution in an attempt to preserve the concept of the album.
    Article Link: AC/DC Finally Available on iTunes
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    It's about time. First The Beatles, and now AC/DC. I'm glad that AC/DC is finally on iTunes
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    This is a nice surprise!
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    Now we need Garth Brooks.
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    About time.
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    Way to hold out AcDc. For over a decade piracy was the easiest way to get your albums conveniently onto our devices. How much money was lost in the process?
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    about damn time!!
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    When Tool caves, I'll know we've arrived.
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    If only Bon Scott had lived to create the catalogue for Back 'n Black and beyond.
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    All they've preserved by doing that is the concept of piracy.
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    I can finally download all the songs I've heard in the Iron Man movies and feel as badass as Tony Stark himself! :D
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    OH YEAH!

    I've already purchased a few of them!
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    No. WE really don't. Maybe you do, but that's okay.

    Actually, now that you mention this, I'm hoping Apple "accidentally" forgets to include all country music in iTunes 11. One can hope! ;)
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    True dat.
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    Or just grap his albums from the 2 dollar bin at Walmart.
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    Would have made the purchase of these albums from iTunes had they been available... seven years ago. Such a shame, but at least they've finally seemed to have figured out they can't simply stick their heads in the sand as the entire distribution process of their industry changes drastically.
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    No special countdown announcement for this? Remember when the Beatles music was added to iTunes? "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget" and I guess they were right...
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    For those about to rock!
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    Australian rockers?

    Angus and Malcolm Young, co-founders of the band, are from Glasgow and are well known Rangers supporters.

    Do get it right MacRumors. :rolleyes:
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    I agree. AC/DC is too late to make any revenue now.

    Most classic rock fans I know have already ripped from a (borrowed-from-a-friend) CD albums and then digitally copied to their Macs/PCs, thanks to the absence of "legitimate" purchasable albums (via iTunes, Amazon, etc) from the band.

    In other words, everyone that ever cared ALREADY has digital tracks of AC/DC on their computers and iPods. Why would they go spend money now?
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    To be fair they have lived in Australia for nearly 50 years and the band was formed there. Even though they only have one member who was born there, they will always be classed as an Australian band.

    Half of U2 were born in England but you wouldn't say they are not an Irish band.
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    Time to cash the pension in!
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    Four oF NINE


    Well it's about time.. Just last weekend some mates of mine in a chat room were pondering AC/DC's quixotic decision to remain unavailable at the iTunes store..


    What for?

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