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AC3 Audio on a G5

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by jared_kipe, Nov 15, 2004.

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    Ever since I got my G5, I can't play the AC3 encoded files through videolan. I went and got the newest version, but still nothing. Has anybody else come across this, and maybe have a solution?
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    Well since everybody is taking the day off, I fixed it myself.

    If anybody has trouble playing Xvid files with AC3 audio, you need to go and find the current DivX codex plugin for osx and instal it. Supposedly you won't be able to play Xvid files, but mine work fine, so you might need to download DivX Tool for OSX that can make a Xvid file look like Divx. And then go to insaneness.com to get an AC3 plugin. The files don't play in videolan, but then play in quicktime now.
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    AC3 audio works fine for me on both VLC and QuickTime on a Powerbook G4.

    What kind of files? Just ac3 streams from A.pack?
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    Why would a DivX plugin enable you to play XviD stuff anyway?
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    Because they are both very similar versions of MPEG4...

    Also, the current version of VLC doesn't support DTS decoding, so that may be an issue from some. From the VideoLAN site:

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