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Acase slim cover for iPad2

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ravenas, Apr 5, 2011.

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    If anyone is looking for a lower cost alternative to protecting the iPad2, I can recommend the Acase line at Amazon.

    I just picked up this one today for $15.95:

    Holes line up fine for the rear camera. It looks like the speaker would get blocked, but I found it helps resonate the sound more than muffles it. Not really a stand built in, but you can use the rear propped up tent-style for movies or books. Nice padding on the cover and a suede lining against the screen. They make a version with the elastic bands on all corners but I like the extra protection of the side pocket.

    I'm going low budget on my case this time around. For a screen protector, I'm still using the plastic wrap my iPad came in. Keeps the dirt and greasy smudge off which is all I wanted. Plus it wraps around the entire body of the device including corners. I was never happy with the screen protectors I used for my iPad1.

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