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ACC to MP3

Discussion in 'iPod' started by gco212, Jan 16, 2006.

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    I searched the boards and didn't see any results for this, but I'm curious as to what programs are available for ACC to MP3 or WMA conversions. I'd like to keep a copy of the music in ACC, but just need to also have it available to me in WMA or MP3 so I can play it on my Xbox 360 without plugging in my iPod.
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    i use itunes for this. (it's aac, not acc, btw). note that one should use a higher bitrate for the mp3s to maintain audio quality. e.g. if the aac is 128 kbps, i'd recommend a minimum of 192 kbps for the mp3.
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    If it's music from the iTunes Music Store, it's DRM protected and you need a program like JHymn to remove the DRM. Note that JHymn will only work if you have never purchased anything from your account using iTunes 6.

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