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Accessing a FAT32 External HD, HELP NEEDED

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kenyabob, Oct 3, 2003.

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    I have an external harddrive that is hooked up to my windows machine. Its a 160 gig FAT32 format hard drive thats USB2.0. Works fine wth windows xp, but when I attempt it with my new dual g5 I cant get anything to show up. Any ideas?
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    I don't think Mac OS X can read the information in that format. I think you can format the drive via Disc Utility but that's about it. Maybe you can do something with Virtual PC but I don't think Virtual PC works with the G5s yet. Maybe someone else can help you more.
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    eek, sorry, I wasn't aware of that :( I just assumed this because when ever I plugged in a PC Hard Drive to my Mac to would only show up in Disc Utility and wouldn't mount.

    I'll try and be more carefull in the future...
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    are there other partitions on the drive? if so, jaguar can be really spotty about recognizing the one you wish to access. the only advice i would have is to try panther and see if it works any better. i have also noticed that panther has an ntfs extension and anyone who can test it would be much appreciated :D
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    What file system was used and how large was the partition/disk?

    As another poster has mentioned, the use of partitions. The first partition can usually be recognized; the subsequent ones are usually not.
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    Well, the hard drive was a 3.3gb IDE drive from my mom's eMachines computer. We replaced it with a 60gb HD but I would like to get our files off the 3gb drive. I plugged it into the Mac and it could only be read in Disc Utility and would not mount. I can try again if you want. I don not know the format but the drive came with the computer so I wouldn't know.
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    My thumb drive (Lexar 128 MB Jump Drive) is FAT16, according to Disk Utility, and readable by Mac OS X...

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