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accessing ibook drive in external case

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kellen, Jun 9, 2007.

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    So a friends girlfriend tossed, as in threw, her older ibook g4. You ask why? Well she was mad at it so she punched the screen and it cracked, so she gave it a quick toss because the screen cracked.

    So I get to be the one to try to salvage the harddrive. I have the ibook torn apart, my macbook, a macmini and an external usb IDE harddrive enclosure at my disposal.

    So I tried to target it through my macbook by holding down T and booting up the ibook. Hard drive clicks and spins, but nothing mounts on my macbook.

    So I bought an external USB for the ibook harddrive. My macbook won't see it when connected.

    So does this mean a bad drive? Do the older drives have to be connected by firewire?

    Any thoughts, hints or jokes?

    Now I know she tossed it..........j/k
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    Some combinations of USB case and PB/iBook might not provide enough power over a single USB port. If the case came with a "Y" cable (one end to drive, other two to the computer), try that - it will pick up power from both ports.
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    Yeah, it came with a y cable. Tried, didn't work. Thanks though.
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    anyone know if there is supposed to be a jumper on the ibook drive. There isn't on this one.
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    Fleetwood Mac

    I wouldn't be surprised if the drive was toast. Poor iBook....:eek:

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