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Accessories for the MacBook Air, any good ones?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by isoMorpheus, Jan 31, 2008.

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    I just bought the same Belkin Hub, in black, in preperation for my MBA.
    The silver would have matched :(

    I like that slim-fit sleeve, though.
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    Yeah you can pick up the Apple Superdrive.:D
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    The swivel hub sounds like a good idea, assuming it's capable of powering two devices without the power adapter -- the USB port on a MBAir is over-spec after all... Of course, I have no idea how over-spec the USB port is... my guess would be that it provides double the measly power a normal USB port has.

    (Trying to get into the Air mindset of less is better... LOL)

    I bought a handful of the swivel USB extenders (also Belkin) a while ago so the USB EVDO card I have wouldn't block a Firewire AND a USB port on my MacBook. Worth every penny, and probably will come in handy with the Air.
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    I wonder how long I can go without buying one.

    I have this combo Firewire/USB slim USB enclosure I got from Meritline that holds one of my old combo drives (slot load, with eBay-acquired bezel). It needs an AC adapter to work, unfortunately (even on FW). I'm probably covered at home, but I would not want to carry something with a wall-wort on the road, beyond the necessary evil that is the laptop power. Too much crud in my bag already, sigh.
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    I got a Waterfield sleeve, it's here and waiting for my "airhead" machine to arrive. I decided to get the piggyback option for the sleeve so I can cart some of the gear if I actually need it but don't want to bother with a full case operation for an afternoon's outing.

    And, I splurged and finally got Waterfield's Cozmo medium size bag as well. I can either put the sleeved MBA or a 15" powerbook (in its own sleeve) in there, plus plenty gear.

    I love the Waterfield cases. For my 12"G4 PB I have the Vertigo case with the green suede, it is beautiful and easy to find stuff inside with the gold lining. Carries great, the Waterfield sleeve that I got for the 12" pb fits it perfectly and the whole thing slides into the Vertigo case with room for other gear.

    They are so nicely made, well worth the bucks in my opinion.
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    I wanna buy the "Waterfield Sleeve" I heard its very good, but I just dont feel like its solid, I dono if i am clear, but i am wondering if its bendable or its just the material that makes me feel so?

    Waiting for reply!
    Thanks in advance
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    the waterfield case feels great, better than any case i've felt or dealt with. i would highly reccomend it to you all.

    as for accesories:

    i have:

    microsoft portable bluetooth mouse
    belkin 7port usb hub
    waterfield sleevecase.

    now just waiting on the air to arrive...
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    Well, you could get one of these:


    I've ordered one and hopefully it'll get here around the same time as my 1.8/SSD MBA.
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    tom bihn has announced a new sleeve for his backpacks and briefcases. Shipping in late Feb.
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    Reposted from another thread

    I've been a big fan of SpireUSA.

    I purchased a vertical bag back in 1999(?) for my then new PowerBook G3 Pismo. I've been using the same bag with different Macs (currently a MB Pro 15") for the past seven or so years and it's still in great shape.

    But I realized the MBA (for me) is all about weight and my bag probably weighs more than the MBA, so I decided it is time for a new bag. But I wanted one that is small, light and easy to lug around.


    I looked at many manufactures, but decided to stick with Spire. I purchased the Spire 13" Dart. It weighs about a pound and looks like it'll fit the bill. It should be here on the same day as my MBA. I couldn't have planned it any better.

    They have a cool 360 view that really shows how thin this bag is and also has compartments for some docs, adapters, etc. Check it out.


    PS, no I don't work for them. I'm just pretty jazzed about not having to lug 10lbs worth of stuff everyday.:D
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    Another cool accessory is LaCie's Little Disk with built-in cable:




    I've got the 250GB version, but they just released a 320GB. Pretty cool for extra storage and Time Machine backups. It's 3.19 x 5.08 x .71 in. and weighs 6.88 oz. All of a sudden I'm really concerned about how much things weigh. I must have drank the Kool-Aid.:D
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    I am thinking of ordering this sleeve, it looks great..

    I looked at every possible sleeve for the MBA, but nothing looks as good as this one.. also the Belkin, but thats still coming soon..

    But of course the look is not everything, so I need advice if this will be good enough to protect the MBA as i dont have any experience regarding laptop sleeves or bags..

    So if i put it in that sleeve will it be safe to just carry it from its handle or put it in any backbag?


    Thanks in advance
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    Not just the sleeve, there is a MBA specific bag shipping early March which I think looks interesting.
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    The swivel hub probably will not fit without modification. I was at the store this morning and wanted to try it as it looked like a tight fit. Had to buy it then was denied the opportunity to take the USB out as it would set off an alarm. They were quite adamat about it. Fair enough, so we measured it and it looks like you would have to shave off 1mm to make it fit. Probably workable but then you can not return it.
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    I've used both Bihn and Waterfield bags, and I have to say that I think the edge goes to Waterfield. A bit friendlier design. On the opinion side, I like the looks a little better too. But you can't go wrong with either.

    I ordered Waterfield's MBA-specific sleeve, and it's nicely padded and it fits into my regular briefcase, which is a big plus. I use their sleeve and one of their messenger bags to carry my MBP. I've dropped it with no problems.

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    Hah-- I have the same Vertigo for my 12" PB and carry a small Taxi Cargo for day-to-day. I've had it for 5 years and it still looks new so my husband took pity on me and bought me a new small Cosmo! My teenager talked me into getting the pink leather for fun (the only pink thing I own).

    What color did you get? It's a great bag-- like all their stuff.

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    ways to protect keyboard/screen/trackpad?

    has anyone thought about how they are going to protect their new shiny toys? i use a marware cloth to shield the screen from rubbing up against my MPB's screen - do you know if the regular macbook sized ones will fit the Air? any other leads about protecting the trackpad, keys, etc would be much appreciate
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    I have the shield on my MBP and my iPhone. I've placed a pre-order for the MBA. This thing is awesome, the full body shield covers the bottom, the top, trackpad, mouse button and the wrist pads. The only rub is that after 2 years of use the wrist pads are showing a little yellowing. But hey this deal is awesome!!!
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    On the Waterfield Cosmo I went for the black and grey this time. I love it! I have some Crumpler bags in brighter colors I use for my older powerbooks and I figured it was time to get something a little more subtle for a change.

    if I get bored with the black sometime I will stick some rock band pins on it from Barsuk Records :)

    I just found out all that really terrible snow in southern China is delaying some MacBook Air shipments so I may have plenty of time for my 15" powerbook to take its turn in the new Waterfield bag before the Air gets here...

    I feel bad for the millions of people trying to get home for their celebration of the Chinese New Year. I have extended family who are Chinese and they always travel to visit their cousins during part of the holidays. Sometimes the weather in upstate New York and Toronto messes up those plans even though we are prepared for wintry conditions. But in southern China apparently it has NEVER snowed like this before, so their roads and related equipment are not at all set up for how things have gone. It's a terrible mess.
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    Anybody ??

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