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Accessorize my new 5G iPod!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by motherduce, Mar 20, 2006.

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    I went the unconventional route and bought an Apple computer, which led me to buy an iPod, rather than the other way around.

    Anyhow, my iPod 30GB avec video shall arrive in less than a week, and I need accessories. I'm going to get InvisibleShield for protection, but wanted to see what you all recommended for docks/remotes/etc etc etc.

    Here is what I know I want:
    • dock/remote/s-video/charger for home and travel
    • car dock for holding the iPod
    • FM transmitter and/or tape transmitter for in-car usage (one car has tape player, one does not)
    • dock for home office to sync with iMac and Windows PC

    Like I said, I'm a n00b to iPod, so any advice would be great.

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    Getting the Invisable shield is a good start.

    You may want a case too. Try this-
    Its a good hard case that will let you remove your pod easily when needed.

    Holder for your car-

    FM Transmitter for your car-
    The ezTrip is the best transmitter I have found after going through 5 others that ended up being total crap. This includes the iTrip and several other well knowns.
    It over rides just about every station ive programmed, and I live in NYC where there are NO open stations!!! It also charges your pod while playing.
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    I really like that Belkin tunedok, glad to get a recommendation for it.

    1 question though, it doesn't look like it leaves much room to plug the charger/FM transmitter into the bottom of the iPod - have you had any trouble with the setup?
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    Get an iPod sock. Not the whole friggin pack, find an educational retailer that will sell you just one for like $5. Then, buy PDA screen protectors and apply it to the screen of your iPod. Voila. You can now enjoy the beauty of your iPod without worrying about scratches. I have been doing this for mine since 2 weeks before they were on shelves (sweet hookup) and haven't had one major scratch yet.

    As for an FM transmitter, check out the Kensington digital FM transmitter. It is a bit pricey, but has worked amazingly for me. I replaced my old iTrip with it from my 4th gen and I'll never go back. It charges your iPod while you're listening to it in the car, and it uses the car's power to transmit the FM signal, so you get much clearer sound. Check out http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007XXHNW/104-8622358-7495166?v=glance&n=172282 for a review.
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    There is a convienient opening on the bottom for the plug. Like ive said, Ive used several FM transmitters and all the plugs have fit fine. Very well designed.
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    two essentials that vastly expand and protect the iPod:



    Good speakers

    Agent 18 videoshield.

    OK, 4 things:D

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    Don't forget the $99 case from the Apple Store.

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    OK here goes...
    cases: don't bother, if you want it scratch free, get an invisible shield

    itrips are ok but don't always give out a decent signal, when they work however, they are awesome

    do get a dock and possibly the remote control, alternatively save that money and buy something like a JBL on stage (a new model is coming with a remote) which can act as your dock and speakers.

    I spose the radio remote might be an idea

    nothing however is better than an ipod, without a case, with some headphones connected, its the way it should be done.
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    I had a chance to play with a pre-release DLO HomeDock Deluxe (shipping in a week or two) and let me tell you, this is the dock everyone will want. The TV viewing capabilities are awesome and the way the iPod mounts is great - you can use it with nearly any case. I'll be selling my Apple Dock kit as soon as the DLO is on the shelves.


    As far as cases go, I love a naked iPod but have had old models get damaged by accidental drops so now I keep mine in a case. I love Vaja cases but currently use the eVo3 because it fits in the dock without having to take the iPod out. I had the Agent18 but the surface scratched very fast. The eVo3's plastic has stood up better to daily use much better.
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    I'm loving that new DLO dock, best looking one so far to go with my new black 5G. I just ordered an InvisibleShield and an iFrogz custom case (they are on sale now for only $24).

    I think I'm going to get the iHome black for work, and that new DLO dock in a few months for the house.

    Loving this thing so far - thanks for the tips everyone.
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    Okay, so I'm frustrated with all my purchases. I'll keep this rant brief.

    - Issue #1 -
    Why in the heck does Apple release a product that is so easily damaged right out of the box? What a joke that I have to scramble around to find adequate protection. It should come pre-installed with a damn InvisibleShield.

    - Issue #2 -
    I hate the damn Invisible Shield. Installation is all but impossible. I'm impatient, I know, but good grief this is ridiculous. After 10 attempts I repackaged and will sell on eBay.

    - Issue #3 -
    Why can't anyone develop a good product that works the way it is supposed to? The iFrogz case I purchased is a joke. The plastic covering for the iPod front bubbles up big time over the click wheel - it's a poor design, not flexible enough to form over the slightly raised click wheel. The rubber band that surrounds the outside covers up the hold switch, and makes it impossible to plug headphones or speakers all the way in, so I have to move it to the side to make it work. What a joke.

    I just wanted a damn iPod, not a big frickin' hassle worrying every minute if my $300 investment was getting scratched.


    P.S. I'm not entirely bitter. I love my iPod's functionality, and the Belkin TuneDok cupholder deal works great, as does my $10 Philips tape cassette adapter.
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    No comments? Suggestions?

    I'm using my iFrogz case now, though I ended up just sticking the damn plastic protector on, air bubbles and ugliness and all. At least it's sort of protecting the front of my iPod now. :rolleyes:

    Anybody else had better experiences?
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    I got rid of my InvisibleShield and just put it in an iSkin eVo3. Sure, it's not the prettiest case on the market but it does offer complete protection protect ad the look grows on you. It also works with the dock without having to remove it from the case. Like I said before the DLO HomeDock Deluxe is also an awesome product but I have recently heard great things about Griffin's new TV capable dock.
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    Thanks for the info. The newest DLO HomeDock (the black one) is sweet looking, but apparently the menu structure doesn't work with the 5G iPods, so it's useless to me, especially at $100+.

    I may look into the older one, and I'll check out the new Griffin dock.

    I'm still needing a FM adapter for the car. Going to wait for some more reviews before purchasing. My main car has a tape deck, and I'm happy with the Philips cassette adapter in there for now.

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