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Accessorize the MacBook Air—Wirelessly

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 5, 2008.

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    Category: 3rd Party Hardware
    Link: Accessorize the MacBook Air—Wirelessly
    Description:: Don't let the MacBook Air's limited wired connectivity cross it off your list; it can connect to plenty of wireless devices that will conserve its one USB port.

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    thats a good point, they even have wireless USB hubs. i wonder if you can use an airport express as a satellite USB port.
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    You could use AirPort Express that way for printing and (non-Time Machine) hard disk storage--plus it gives you an Ethernet port and wireless music/AirTunes. It won't work for connecting other USB devices.

    Of course the simplest solution is to get a tiny, cheap USB hub. If you're carrying multiple USB devices (is that common with ultraportable users??) then you're also carrying all their USB cables! With all those devices and cords in your bag, adding a little hub that can simply stay attached to one of those cables is hardly damaging your mobility any further.

    Like this 4-port hub for under $7:
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    Without running some terminal codes, this isn't possible! And even then it's not too reliable.
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    I noticed that too. Article is misleading.

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