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Achitectural software

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Mcblack, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Hi, i've seen that the last thread is a bit old, so i wanted to ask again about opinion.

    I've downloaded ArchiCad 16, SketchUp and Rhinoceros for mac (wich is in process right now). I've haven't tried them so much, and i wanted to know if their good options, and how to complet them for some rendering.
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    I dislike SketchUp, but mainly out of personal reasons. But I used it heavily when first released. Maybe they made vast improvements on it, I don't know and actually don't want to.

    ArchiCAD is my favorite CAD by far; but I have to work with VektorWorks at the office, which is ok, has def. some advantages, but ArchiCAD is just the most elegant drwing-program that I know of. But pricey! I disliked AutoCAd for some reasons - it's more 'technical' than 'architectural' imho and less intuitive, can't explain that much better now as I stepped back immediately.

    And Rhino, well I own it, but the Mac transfer takes just forever. I think it's 'in the process' about 5 years now, so that's it. I use it on a PC though and like it a lot.
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    yeah, i think like you about autocad.

    i'm learning some archicad, do you where can i find tutorials and somo introducting videos¿?
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    Sorry, I don't. It was a mixture of learning by doing, fellow students and the studios I worked for back then. Aren't there any tutorials at the Graphisoft homepage? If you're completely on your own and have no knowledge at all, I'd advise you renting 1-2 books from the library.

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