Acquisition 0.703 released

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by medea, Jan 10, 2003.

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    David Watanabe has announced the release of Acquisition 0.703, the latest version of his modern client for the gnutella peer-to-peer file sharing network. Version 0.703 features improvements in network connectivity, improved stability and performance, and redesigned download and upload views.
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    Well at least I'm getting some network connections now, compared to none before, but I still can't download anything.

    No matter how many files I try to download they constantly say pending and host is busy.

    I don't think it's worth the $10 you have to pay now.
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    don't you all see something wrong with wanting people to pay for things that are used for pirating other things?

    just wait until you use aquisition to download the serial number or crack for aquisition.
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    I love the irony in pirating commercial pirate software :D
    Anyway, P2P software on the mac stinks. Direct Connect stinks too. Interesting looking servers request you to share like 20+ gigs before you can connect!? And I haven't found any good free servers yet. Does anyone know any good ones?
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    if you are willing to pay for a simple stupid little program like this used to steal other programs than why are you not willing to pay for the real programs? I'd rather save my money and buy Dreamweaver and know that it is mine and I worked for it, it's a great program and its worth it.
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    My problem exactly with hotline clients and Direct Connect. After
    owning a PC, one of my major problems with buying a mac is the
    sucky P2P software. Mac needs kazaa.
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    I tried using Neo and it took me over 20 minutes before it even connected to someone.
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    yes neo does suck

    I'm realy like this Acquisition app though.
    The search functions are a little oversimplified, but over all the app is quite good
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    Some people do use programs like limewire and aquisition to find music they might be interested and the buy the CD. My roommate does it all the time. He has a very wide range of music he likes and always looks for more. He like gospel, indian, middle easter, etc. But he doens't know a lot about the artists or what they sound like so he find things via aquistion or limewire and then buys the CD's if he likes it. I guess it's still illegal for him to download them in the first place but he's not trying to steal anything.
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    neo sucks. try it and you'll see why.
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    I don't see why anyone would pay for it. If you used a stolen serial number what would be his recourse? The GPL says that you can modify the software in any way you want. I'd like to see him explain to a judge that a person has stolen his software that he has produced using stolen code.
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    VPC 6

    Just go get VPC 6 and run Kazaa... that's what I've been running for 2 weeks now, and it's great. Doesn't slow me down much, and unless I'm playing games, it doesn't bother me at all. And it's kazaa!
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    kazaa might be coming

    I have no proof the guy wasn't lying, but I read on a forum at Appleinsider that Kazaa was beginning to build a Mac version of Kazaa at the start of 03'. Didn't really say much else.

    The only thing we can do is email Kazaa and show them there is a demand for the Mac version. Ads or not, it beats gnutella in its current incarnation.
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    I didn't read all posts. but there is a good kazaa client for the mac in OS X called neo

  17. job
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    Quick Question:

    If I have an older (read: free) version of Acquisition, will it still work?

    It's been awhile since my Airport network has been down, and I'm still saving for a new base station, so my Acquisition version is fairly old.
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    Yeah, well it connects a lot faster and find more things but it cuts my internet connection after about 2 minutes. I doubt I'll be using it too much.

    And Neo & Limewire are both terrible. I am going to get VPC 6 and run KaZaA like some user said.

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