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Action RPG 'Infinity Blade' Now Free to Download

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Epic Games' hit title Infinity Blade was named Apple's Free App of the Week and the app can now be downloaded at no cost for the first time since its release.
    Infinity Blade is an action RPG powered by the Unreal 3 Engine. It offers a console-quality experience with impressive 3D graphics and intuitive gesture-based combat.

    Since its 2010 debut, the game has won several awards and has received four major updates, adding content and improved gameplay. Its popularity resulted in a sequel, Infinity Blade II, and a second follow up, Infinity Blade: Dungeons, may be in the works.

    Infinity Blade can be downloaded for free from the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Action RPG 'Infinity Blade' Now Free to Download
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    "Celebrate Valentine's by enjoying the Must-Have iOS Blockbuster for FREE!"

  3. Editor


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    It's better than being alone with no free Infinity Blade!
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    Let the God King be your company. :)
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    Celebrate valentine's day by killing things? Ok, makes about as much sense as anything else...
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    Jessica Lares

    This thread is making me LOL so hard.

    But yay, bought it on my other Apple ID, nice to have it on my main one now. Should be free anyway with all the IAP!
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    Nice. Now I have something to play while I wait for dungeons which is going to take forever to drop.
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    Well yeah, that's kinda how it all started. Way back in, like, wayyyyy back, the Romans had this dude executed for marrying a bunch of people who weren't supposed to be married, and uh...something about digging up corpses. We celebrate the life of this man by buying our girlfriends chocolate and roses and maybe getting laid.

    It makes total sense when you think about it.

    Also the game's pretty fun. It's sorta like Mike Tyson's Punch Out, but with swords.
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    I usually don't play games on my iphone but I will try these now :)
  11. M-O
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    Is valentines day today?
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    OS X Dude

    Not for me on the UK App Store - it's that one with spaceships that's a bit like Lylat Wars/Starfox 64. It is a cracking game, though, and one I would have bought anyway.
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    Same for me. But do a search for it and you'll be able to download it for free anyway :)
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    If only they'd have another content update coming! Still hope for another on IB II, too.
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    Will this make use of the ipad's larger screen?
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    I played this for about 5 minutes until I discovered it was "on rails". Ruined it from there on. The adventure genre means I want to adventure, or go where I want to go. I realize this isn't a true adventure game, but a fighting game with a narrative, but meh.
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    haha, got this game ages ago when it was 69p. I was hoping that infinity blade to would be reduced too :p
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    Love stinks!



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    OS X Dude

    Thanks very much :)
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    Well yeah, so long as you're doing it with or for someone.

    Tapping on a screen filled with colors and movement all by & for your lonesome self, well, heck you're not even killing things.
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    It needs a Valentine Expansion pack.
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    Ah valentine's day....good ol' exchange gifts for a bj day....

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