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Actual Nano 1GB (formated) capacity?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Ashapalan, Jul 22, 2006.

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    Hi, i'm going to buy a 1GB nano (i've become an inspired runner) on monday and was interested if anyone knew what it's actual available capacity is, (for eg, the 2GB nano is 1.8)

    The reason i ask is that i'd like to make the song selections for my upcoming excursion before i buy it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    My 1GB nano says 894MB in the "About" section.

    Lets do the maths eh?

    1,000,000,000 divided by 1024 = 976562.5 KiB
    and again...

    = 953.67431640625 MiB

    953.7MiB - 894MiB = ~60MiB

    So you lose about 60MiB to formatting, on-board applications and other stuff. That's more than a regular HDD would lose to formatting but a regular HDD doesn't have a built-in photo viewer, a world clock, stopwatch etc...

    I have 179 songs (two fairly large podcasts included) and 249 photos and still have 149MiB left. Not too shabby.

    Gee it's a gorgeous bit of kit too...
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    well thank you chundles for answering in such detail.

    I'll definatly be dropping by for one on monday.:)
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    No worries, insomnia (it's 2:15am here) brings out my inner "detail overload" posts.
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    My 1gb nano says 912mb in the about section:D
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    Hmm, that's funny. I just did a full restore on mine and now it too says 912MiB.

    Same number of photos, 188 songs (some different to before, a few bigger songs and an audiobook) an it's got 74.1MiB available.

    I'd tend to believe the 912MiB figure meaning you lose only 42MiB to formatting etc. Sounds a bit closer to what a regular HDD would lose to formatting if it were only 1GiB in size.

    OK, we agree, 1GB nano = 912MiB. Sounds good.
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    The more the merrier also applies to capacity. So thank you for checking. :)

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