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Ad Execs Want Into Your iPod

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 31, 2005.

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    Is it now typical Americana for ad agencies to invade every form of privacy citizens have?
    It's disgusting.
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    And to make matters worse the In-House Creative Ideas Team that came up with this x-gen marketability concept are probably on six figure paypackets and will get themselves a healthy bonus for being marketing geniuses......
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    Is this going to spawn a new form of internet advertising similar to viral marketing? I guess only time and iPodcaster :cool: reaction will tell. :cool:
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    Into my iPod? I believe that as long as it remains my iPod, they can't touch it...
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    There are already ads in several of the podcasts available via the iTMS. Slate/ESPN both have them - thankfully, you can forward through them - although so far the rest of the show has been v average too.
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    Ad Execs want into my iPod... well, it's about the same as if I'd say I want into Angelina Jolie - nobody cares. :cool:
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    The only ads I have on my iPod are all the Bud Lite - Real Men of Genius ads, because they're amusing. Even more amusing that I haven't had a bud lite in like a year. (Long live Guinness, says I, and other non water beers)
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    Thank you captain obvious. :rolleyes: I would like to nominate this comment as understatement of the decade.
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    Please don't start this into an America bashing thread. If you think greed is solely an American trait I think you need to broaden your horizons to the entire collective that is known as mankind.
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    Thanks for the link. Much appreciated! :D

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