ADB Adapter for Performa 6300

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bedifferent, Nov 16, 2010.

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    My friend found an old Performa 6300 from 1995. It's fully working aside from the missing ADB mouse. I've been searching for an ADB to USB adapter or even an USB card but to no avail. Any one know of a solution?

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    I would just find an ADB mouse. ADB to USB adapters were made for a short time following the introduction of iMac for people who didn't like the USB keyboard and mouse Apple provided, but they were not that many made and are very difficult to find. I would bet if you put a want-ad up on your local craigslist, somebody would probably give you one. At this point, most are being trashed anyways. eBay would be the next bet.
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    i second the craiglist idea. or ask around at a local apple repair shop. boxes of this stuff sitting around waiting to get thrown out usually.

    if you don't have any luck with local, THIS ebay seller is a bunch of old apple nerds. i've purchased lots of things from them over the years with all positive results. best of luck.
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    Thanks for the advice! :)

    I decided on another method and googled threads on USB PCI cards for Performas and learned you can install a USB PCI card. Apple has a page on this as you have to reinstall the OS (I believe OS 9 carries the proper drivers). For $24 I'm picking up a card and plugging it in. We'll see what happens.

    Thanks again!

    UPDATE: Misinformed. The next model has PCI. BUMMED. Oh well, I'll have to hunt for an adapter.
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    yeah, sorry, no usb for you.

    as a long shot, i remember using an adb/ps-2 adapter at some point in the distant past. a quick google search found THIS which seems like a lot of money for the old box. especially when there are likely old adb mice being thrown away.

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