ADC membership, hidden costs?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by reajesse, Jul 8, 2003.

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    I recently learned of the possibility of getting a discount on apple hardware by joining ADC. I am a student and am eligible. It says that I have to pay a $99 registration fee. Is that the only thing I will have to pay to received the student discount. Also do I have to do anything else besides join to get the discount. Are there any students that have joined and got the discount? let me know if it is easy or a big pain

    thanks jesse
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    Save your money

    If you are looking for an education discount, simply go to the Apple store, and go to the bottom of the screen. You will see an icon on the right sode of the screen for the education store.

    Follow it, and you should be able to find your school. You then will be taken to a special store page with discounts. The hardware discounts are minimal, while the software is often as much as 50% off.

    If you want to take advantage of the hardware discounts through ADC, you need to be a select member for at least a year, or a premier member. The hardware discounts for these are high enough to help offset the cost of the dev memberships.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: ADC membership, hidden costs?

    keep in mind this: don't use the education discount. honestly it sucks. The ADC student membership comes with ONE hardware discount asset, up to 20% off the hardware you're gonna buy. The $99 will cover everything including the ADC mailing, the hardware discount, a free copy of WebObjects and other discounts and stuff. Before WWDC, Apple also chooses student developers for free passes. The only drawback is that you might have to currently be in a computer-related class.
    I almost got the student membership before my aunt got me a better one :p so i really can't help you with the experiences thing :) good luck!
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    Okay, I have to ask: Is it easy to get? Is it as easy as signing up and paying the fee? Is the "Student ADC membership" the same thing as the "ADC membership", or are there no noticeable advantages to the "Student ADC" regarding the discount??

    And yes, the student discount sucks, but it's better than nothing. [​IMG]
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    I am also looking at the ADC membership since I am going to be buying a new computer for school this fall and am interested to know if it is as easy to pay $99 to get the discount.
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    Re: Save your money

    Yes, but these hardware discounts for students (which you correctly describe as "minimal") are not nearly as good as the net hardware discount you can receive if you sign up for the $99.00 Apple Developer Connection Student Membership. For example, using the standard educational discount it looks like I can get a new 1.8 GHz PowerMac G5 for $2,299.00 -- a measly $100.00 discount off the list price. Compare this to the (one-time) hardware discount that you get with an ADC Student Membership, where the same 1.8 GHz PowerMac is $1,919.00 (for a net savings of $380.00).

    ... or a student member. For more details, see this page for information about the ADC Student Program, and in particular this information about the one-time hardware discount.
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    It is easy to sign up on-line, but they do have to verify your student status before they will activate your membership. The instructions about how to do this are listed at the bottom of this page, under the heading "How to Enroll". The process consists of your faxing a copy of some picture ID plus a copy of "a current or upcoming course schedule or other official proof of enrollment from your college/university". I did this one day around lunchtime and they had activated my membership within a few hours' time.
    Not sure I understand the question, but maybe the information at the ADC's Membership Overview page can help. There is a completely free ADC membership (the "on-line" flavor) that doesn't come with any hardware discounts. The "Student", "Select" and "Premier" memberships (all of which cost something to join) offer hardware discounts of some kind.

    For me, the student membership (at $99.00) was attractive because I'm planning to purchase a 15" PowerBook as soon as they're updated. Assuming the prices don't change, the prices for that PowerBook will be either $2,599.00 (full list price), $2,449.00 (with the regular educational discount) or $2,079.00 (with the ADC Student Membership's one-time hardware discount). So even after paying the $99.00 for an ADC Student Membership, I should realize a net savings of about $420.00. I just consider all the crap they send you as a part of the ADC Membership as a little bonus. ;)
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    wow it definatly is worth the 99$. 1599 for a 1.6ghz G5 wow

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    I signed up for it last month, super easy to do. Just fax them your transcript and copy of your reg card. Very painless.
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    i've seen different answers in different threads...does he have to be ina developer class or no?
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    Nope, just in college.
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    not always.
    on a sidenote they almost never ask for age, they assume you're 18+ years old because most college students are not under 18.
    it's certainly definately worth the $99 to get a 20% hardware discount (might as well buy a cinema display, an airport base station, an iPod and an iSight with it lol) and the free copy of webobjects...useful thing to have :)
    Abstract: Student ADC member, premiere ADC member...doesn't make a difference...well it sorta does but you're still a paying ADC member. it's very simple to be a student ADC member takes like 5 minutes if you have everything they want.
    If you can afford it and don't need the hardware discount, go for the select membership. you can get übercool developer level tech support, if you're ever in cupertino, beijing or tokyo you can check out the übercool adc labs, copy of mac os x server, copies of the latest version (commercial) of mac os x, you get the seed software...:p
    then if you really can afford it go for the premiere membership...with webobjects, a free wwdc tix, everything apple has to offer to developers :p
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    Sorry if I wasn't being clear.

    The student ADC discount is 20% and it costs $99 to enroll. Okay, that is fine. I qualify. :) However, if I wasn't a student and I wanted to join the ADC, would I still get the same discount? Is there an equivalent program for "Adults" who wish to pay $99 only and get the same 20% discount, or is the membership fee more? :confused:

    Oh wait, nevermind. The adult ADC membership, the "ADC Select", only get a 20% discount, but the membership fee is $500. I think I'd do that if I had to purchase something major, like a Cinema display and 2.0GHz dual G5. :eek:

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    ahem read my post above, especially the end.
    here, to make it simple for you:
    the select and premiere memberships are much better than the student membership, that's why they're so costly.
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    Wait, you sometimes have to be in a developer's class? I was answering "just in college" in regards to the question if you have to be in any special classes. Anywho, ADC rocks.
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    well, the thing is apple doesn't really have a clear policy about the classes you need to be in to become an ADC member. sometimes they want you to be in a developer class, sometimes they don't
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    The way I understand it from they apple ADC Student website is you have to buy WEbObjects sepratley after your a member for $99.00. Correct me if I'm wrong but thats how I understood it.
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    You do have to buy webobjects, unless you are a premier member.

    Also, the ADC website says:
    My ADC came with Jaguar... think I'll get Panther for free when it comes out? :)

    And ubergeek, you don't have to take any dev classes...

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    on apple it says it is like $7k for a premier membershipp. how come its only 99 dollars for students vs 7k for everyone else?
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    $99 for student
    $500 for select
    $3500 for premier
    oh damn you people are right about webobjects :p
    zildjian: i think apple gives it to adc members for free :p
    and sometimes apple wants to know if you are enrolled in any dev classes even though it isn't mentioned as a requirement.
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    thx :) sometimes i am just err stupid lol
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    so im guessing that us high schoolers dont get to be in the ADC student program??

    Im looking into grabbing a g5, but a fat discount would be nice :)
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    Nope sorry, get your ass to college :)
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    hehe, believe it or not i cant wait to go :)

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