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Add movies to AppleTV real basic questions

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by SmilesLots, Nov 19, 2010.

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    I just got a previous generation AppleTV with 160GB drive. I've synched with music in iTunes and with photos. ow I want to take some dvd's and add those to the AppleTV. What software is needed and what steps are required. BTW I'm ripping some movies right now using MacTheRipper. But do not know how to get them into iTunes. Thanks. Sorry for the "nnob" question.
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    Really good MactheRipper experts can jump in here, but the way I understand it is you would rip the DVD and convert it in Handbreak to MP4 (Apple TV) compatible codec and then have dump in automatically or manually move it into your itunes media folder.

    I think you can also do this in one step with Handbrake (i.e., the rip and conversion to AppleTV mp4 codec).

    Anyone with a more specific answer to this?
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    Handbrake does not automatically put the files into iTunes: you have to do that manually. You can use Handbrake in one step if you have the 64 bit version of VLC installed. On the down side, you probably somewhat decrease the life of your Mac's DVD player, as it is a slower process than just ripping the disk.
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    Just use handbrake to convert to apple tv preset. Should have a m4v extension. Then go into iTunes and select add to library. It will put a copy in iTunes so you can delete the original. I move it to iTunes/movies, then go to add to library so iTunes recognizes it on your apple tv.
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    Thanks to everyone. Mike - I plan to play the movies on my AppleTV and not the computer.
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    I've started redoing some of my DVDs using Handbrake and I've had the best success using the following settings:

    (Get the latest nightly build from handbrake.fr)

    I selected the High Profile to create my own preset called HP-DVD

    - in the video tab: select 29.97 in the Framerate dropdown and check the Peak Framerate box
    - for Constent Quality, slide to RF:19

    Execellent viewing on all iOS4 devices, especially on my Pioneer 50" plasma via ATV-2
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    So Handbrake is at 100% - has been there for an hour. Does it ever really finish? I tried quitting but it gave me an error message that if I quit, the file would be started over in the que, or something like that. How do you get it to finish and stop using 100% of the processor.
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    You let it finish....depending on which of your computers you are doing this on, the length of time necessary to complete an encoding with Handbrake will vary.
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    after running all night, I decided enough is enough. Quit HB. File seemed ok, even though there was the error message. Maybe just a strange glitch for a first time run. Anyway, lots more to do today. Thanks again to all.

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