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Admit it... who has put movies on ipod??

Discussion in 'iPod' started by princealfie, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Hey there folks,

    I am an admitted DVD junkie. And the video ipod is so so dangerous. Admit it, who has ripped one of their DVD's (personal collection) or (well, grrr, I won't say) ... onto their 5G video ipod?

    I converted the Bewitched DVD w/ Will Farrell and Nicole Kidman into my ipod 5G and the playback is exception indeed. I really love the in house conversion for the mov to m4v file format read by the ipod done in itunes.

    So ipod videos junkie conffessssions? Admit it, everyone loves it. By the way, downloading videos on itunes doesn't count here...

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    As you can see in this thread, many people do.

    I have ripped:

    Seinfeld Season 4
    Da Ali G Show Season 1
    Chappelle's Show Season 1 and 2
    Some Family Guy from Season 2

    A Night at the Roxbury
    Harold and Kumar
    Half Baked

    And also Coldplay live 2003.
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    I've got a fair few on mine:
    Garden State
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Wierd Science
    Intersella 5555 (essentially a feature length Daft Punk video)
    The Wedding Crashers
    The Incredibles
    Bruce Almighty

    And some others I put on when needed. I also have Series 1-4 of Family Guy & The Stewie Griffin Story too.

    Can't say I've watched more than two when travelling to other parts of the country by train, but as I'm heading to visit my parents in the next week ( a 2 1/2 hours train journey) I'll be watching some more.
    Its a handy extra to a great device - but I can't seem me getting a proper Video iPod as my video usage makes up a mere fraction of its overall usage.

    Famous last words from a self confessed gadget addict!:D
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    i'm telling!

    you guys are all thieves :p

    please stay at your computer, someone will be there shortly to take you into custody!!!
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    What frustrates me is that I can't seem to rip my copy of a lot of recent Sony release plus Mansfield Park (Miramax) or Serendepity (Miramax) too. I dislike what the RIAA/MPAA conglom is doing to home owners. brrrrrrrrrrrrr...:eek:
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    Why did you have to use iTunes to convert the DVD rips? Handbrake will convert straight from DVD to mp4. Just make sure you use the right settings and you can get superior quality than what iTunes will give you and it will still be playable.

    iLounge has a great guide on doing this with a list of what resolutions are supported depending on which encoder you use, H.264 or MPEG4.

    The iPod wlll support MPEG4 video encoded at 576x368 but Apple doesn't say it will. The size of the image is much nicer than 320x240.
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    My movie files are in avi format originally due to having to play those on my pals' Compaq laptop. Yep.
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    nah, they own it. (here we go again...)
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    I own like 300 DVD's and to be honest it will take me forever to archive those!
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    Yep. I only convert DVDs that I own and I never share them with anyone else. In fact, the other day I rented a DVD before leaving to go out of town. I was going to take it with me but I didn't have room in my stuff so I copied it to my iPod. I felt so guilty about doing it that I went out and bought the DVD after I came home! Just wanted to make sure that I didn't have an illegal copy...
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    By the way, I'm a total Criterion Collection junkie. People complain about DVD's a lot and of course, this series alone makes me interested in movies. And yes, those guys were smart enough 2 stick Whit Stillman's Metropolitian on DVD remastered from the Super 16. Criterion is the Mac of DVD format/presentation.:D
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    Lord Blackadder

    I wish they had more stuff I want to watch in the Criterion Collection. A co-worker of mine is a movie snob and brags about how his Criterion Collection laserdiscs (played on some uber-$$$ laserdisc player) have superior quality to all non-HD DVD media. :rolleyes:
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    Must be the über-$$$ player then. I prefer my DVD's over my laserdiscs.
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    Plus i don't think that you can rip a laserdisc quite yet eh? Or is there?
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    Lord Blackadder

    There wouldn't be any reason to. I have heard that some laserdiscs do achieve very high quality (especially for their time), but many are also prone to delamination and rot, like cheap CD-Rs.

    I've heard of laserdisc-drives for computers, but don't know much about them. The CD-ROM out-competed the laserdisc for computer use in every way but capacity, so it never caught on.
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    so what? you're still breaking the law by breaking DeCSS.

    Deal with it :p
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    I have one episode of Monk, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, and Gundam Seed Destiny on my 5G.
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    not yet, but i will be

    my goal is to get an ipod video and then rip my kids' movies onto.

    then, i'll video-out to 2 screens in the back for our 12 hour drive to my parents.

    result: easy to change movies without fussing and no piles of dvds in the vehicle.

    anyone with kids will understand and appreciate that.
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    I do it all the time.
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    i have every episode of futurama (all 4 seasons), live nine inch nails concert, live dispatch concert, some sigur rós music videos, etc. also l.a. confidential.
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    Urm.. before selling my White 30GB (I thought Apple were releasing the Video iPod at that 'Fun' weekend) I had around... hmmm... 15 DVD Movies? 15 Music Videos (non-iTunes, thank you AOL), and about 5 TV Shows (Ripped from DVD to test)

    It was mainly for music, I can't really see myself wanting a Video iPod.. I sold mine in sheer worry.. I never know what Apple are going to spring on me next, plus Steve might have made me NEED a Video iPod :confused:
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    You are my hero. Now I have a "legitimate" reason to give the wife as to why I need an iPod Video.
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    I keep one episode of the simpsons on there....just to show off my fancy toy
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    I Do

    its always nice to have some flicks on your ipod when music gets old...
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    Someone better have Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on their 5G ipod. Man I love that movie.

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