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AdMob Introduces Interactive Video Ads for iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 17, 2009.

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    Mobile advertising firm AdMob today announced that it is launching interactive video advertising for the iPhone and iPod touch. The ads, which will be available as either auto-play or click-to-play implementations, will begin appearing in a limited number of top App Store applications.
    Video ads will begin as soon as the user launches an application targeted by the ads and will include buttons that will allow the user to perform such functions as viewing related Web content, directly accesings the App Store for the product being advertised (when applicable), or viewing additional video content. Users may also skip the advertisements at any time to proceed to their desired iPhone application.


    Google announced last week that it has agreed to acquire AdMob for $750 million in stock. In a follow-up story yesterday, it was reported that Apple had apparently also considered making an offer for the company in the weeks before Google's announcement.

    Article Link: AdMob Introduces Interactive Video Ads for iPhone
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    And so it begins. Yet another "wonderful" innovation that didn't exist in the smartphone world before now.

    Ah well.

    I wonder if apps that rely on this, will allow you to buy a premium version without ads?
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    Can you disable advertisments while on 3G as over here ours is capped at 50mb a day for 99c before it goes like €1.50 a MB
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    Oh for Pete's sake. Didn't they see the Zune videos? Why are they trying to cram advertising into every cm of space, every item/device. It just makes me resent it, and then I start avoiding the product as I link it with that resentment, even though it could be a perfectly good product!

    If this gets added as an 'update' to applications I've already paid for I'll be pissed.

    I use a combination of hosts files and Click2Flash to block adverts on my computer. I don't know how anyone can read a website whilst things are flashing, moving around, beeping, playing music, etc.

    Horrific idea - watch/skip videos before you can use your apps. Dreadful.

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    No kidding....I will not purchase an app that includes ads, no matter what kind of entertainment or functionality it may provide. If I purchase an app that somehow hid this 'feature' (like some do with the screenshots in the App Store), then it will get absolutely blasted in a review.

    I barely want to 'trial' a free version of an app that includes ads....there's only a few that I put up with, and those are apps that add functionality missing from Apple (like SBSettings, Notifier, etc.).

    Commercials are the #1 reason I have a TIVO for skipping them while time shifting TV programming.

    I'm not going to put up with ads (any type) on a device I purchased and then continue to pay $$$ monthly in monthly services (and subsidy costs).

    Either give me an option to purchase an app without ads, or do without my $, it's pretty simple.
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    Has anyone watched the video example on their website? (turn your speakers down first, it's insanely loud).

    The 'average user' starts the program, watches the advert, opens amazon (why not?) and then buys the advertised product in the iTunes store - i.e. before they've even used the program they just bought, they've bought another one and have been taken back to the home screen. What a ****ing great idea.

    Unfortunately I cannot think of any words that would adequately describe how I feel about this. I feel very bad.

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    Yeah, the auto-play option concerns me. And it is the advertiser, not the consumer, that gets to decide this.
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    All I know is this: I won't be getting any apps that have advertising within them. And if it means I do without then I'll just write the app myself.
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    Yeah, auto play means they 'auto' get their $ for showing the ad.

    Same exact BS happens on many DVDs you buy nowadays. Can't even watch the friggen movie you just paid $$ for without watching all the stupid trailers that they include to try and sell you more.

    Sorry, any type of 'forced' advertising on something I've already paid for (or continually pay for) is a pet peeve of mine.

    I better unsubscribe to this thread......:eek::D
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    Actually, advertisers pay money for ads to appear; they're not making money. As for the publishers, most of them don't get paid from AdMob ads just appearing; they get paid on the click-through of the ad (the difference between CPM and CPC).
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    Just what iPhone apps needed -- pre-roll ads. (/sarcasm)

    This is something that even the video world is trying to find an alternative to because it's so intrusive. Why would you introduce it to the smartphone realm?
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    they = AdMob in my post above...

    I understand that advertisers buy CPM from AdMob. Then, CPC gives portions of that $ to the dev that incorporates AdMob into their app(s).

    Don't get me wrong, AdMob, CPM & CPC is a great business and idea (free enterprise works). Even better for them that they just sold it to Google (the king of all this).

    It's all the more reason I use some of the above mentioned tools (custom hosts file, and clicktoflash). It's also the reason I contribute to the various forums and/or subscribe to web services I like to use. One reason.....To Get Rid Of Ads. It slows down something I am paying for, and 99.99% of the time, it's um....to put it nicely....stuff I don't want.

    Publishers (or on this specific topic, the App Devs), have a choice....either to use AdMob CPC to create extra income for themselves (and/or use it subsidize the app pricing) or to charge enough for their app to not include ads.

    I vote to give my $ to the Devs that do the latter. If the app can't do that on it's own, then it's not an app I'll buy.

    For those that put up with the ads, it's usually an age demographic I'm not in anymore. ;)
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    My apologies for my confusion.

    Understood. As an app-dev, and with in-app purchasing for free apps now available, what I've decided to normally do now is release an app as a free, but ad-supported version, and then allow users to purchase an Ad-Free upgrade, that eliminates ads within the app (and sometimes unlocks bonus content).
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    Ads - iDoes
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    Advertising in Free Apps Only?

    I hope this only shows up in the free apps! :mad: I don't want to see commercials in an app that I PAID for.

    I understand you can skip the ad, but you shouldn't have to do even that after paying for an app.
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    I will not use any apps that have ads in them.
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    Selling ad space

    I predict that iPhones will soon come in two versions: the standard model that has ads plastered all over the back and borders of the phone, and a more expensive ad-free version.

    In the meantime, I will try to do without apps that cost less (or nothing) because they play video ads.
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    Reminds me of cable TV

    Not sure what it's like in the US, but when they introduced cable (pay) TV in Australia there were no ads, because you've already PAID for your tv shows!

    Of course that rule came and went pretty quickly... now you pay for your tv shows as well as put up with advertising all the way through the shows...

    Thankfully most of the good tv shows are still on free to air tv (albeit with ads).
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    The problem with that approach is this: how do you know they have no ads until you buy them?

    Unless the App Store introduces an ad-free indicator on the app!
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    Works the same way here....:mad:

    Google TIVO. Works great.
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    Apologies for being off-topic. Tivo was introduced in Australia last year but was too expensive so very low take-up. As well as that the main cable tv provider (Foxtel) beat them to it by introducing Foxtel IQ. Basically = TIVO built into your cable tv unit. Large hard disk, record, rewind, replay multiple shows, etc.

    I prefer using EyeTV on my iMac. Cut out the ads and flick across to AppleTV. Works a treat. No ads. No cable TV costs. :D
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    That's a good idea...but likely won't ever be implemented...too much $ to be made by those working the AdMob/CPM/CPC system.

    To find out if an app has Ads, I just read the reviews on iTunes (or on the net, like here at MR), look at screenshots, etc. You can usually tell with a minutes worth of research.
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    Time to write to


    Hum what category? iTunes? iPhone?
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    Good idea. In fact I just did.

    I have no problem with ads in free apps. That to me is a fair trade-off. But if I pay for an app, my expectation is that I won't have to be subjected to ads. Add to the cost of the app, the cost of owning an iPhone. It's a premium device. I should get premium service. And if I have to deal with more and more ads inside apps I buy, I'll simply stop buying apps.

    Anyone remember when cable TV first started? The promise was that since you would pay a monthly fee, that would keep the service ad-free. That didn't last long. Now everyone takes for granted that the cable companies are no different from the old broadcast stations.

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