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Adobe Adds Stylus Support to Photoshop Touch for iPad

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Adobe has updated Photoshop Touch for the iPad, adding pressure-sensitive stylus support as well as a slight redesign for the iPad mini. The app also has new support for sharing to social sites and a few other miscellaneous things.

    Adobe Photoshop Touch is available on the App Store for $9.99. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Adobe Adds Stylus Support to Photoshop Touch for iPad
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    This is not on the front page, but Will.i.am's piece 'O crap is?? :confused:
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    Very nice Adobe. Much needed update for doing finer touch-ups.
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    To be fair, while this update is neat, and some professionals will appreciate it (a costly Wacom Cintiq just got less tempting!)... it’s not really something that changes my life.

    The Will.i.am contraption, on the other hand, has made me decide to dig a deep hole and crawl to the bottom of it.
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    Jessica Lares

    I was about to say, stylus support?! But now I've read it's the pressure sensitivity, I get it. I personally didn't even realize it didn't have it to begin with. :eek:

    Nice addition though! Adobe and Autodesk are doing amazingly well with their tablet apps, especially for their stuff being so complicated and robust.
  6. HMI
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    I don't blame you. Walking around with that ugly bling contraption is like asking to be shot at. You're wise to duck and run.

    I'd really like to give those iPad styli a test run to see how well they work.
    Anyone tried the photoshop touch yet?
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    For many, many years I've enjoyed your comments on this site -- and this one may be the best yet. :D
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    What I would like next is that the iOS app interfaces with the Mac Applications of Photoshop and Illustrator so that I can use the iPad/iPodt as a drawing tablet with my Mac. Frankly the iOS is a crippled operating system since it doesn't let me work my way with my data. Instead of being data centric (what matters) it is instead App centric which is insane. My data is my work. The Apps are just tools. By making the iOS App centric Apple gets in my way of doing real work and makes the iOS devices into games and toys when they could be so much more.
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    Anyone tried those styluses yet?
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    purely a matter of your opinion. most ipad users are not power users and thus dont care about the things youve said. my dad included. thats who "computing for the rest of us" is geared to.

    sometimes you need a truck. and for that you should get a truck.
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    Yep. The biggest thing missing from the iPad is a unified file system. It's crazy that every app developer has to use the Dropbox API for example to sync data, there's already a Dropbox app, let everyone hook into it. Devs having to constantly reinvent the wheel is taking them away from adding extra features to their apps.

    That "Open in" crap is such a half-arsed measure to try and combat this glaring omission.
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    I'm sure there are plenty of power users who use an iPad and really iOS limits you.
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    I'd love to be able to do real Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects work with my iPad. Second screen style software doesn't cut it. Real support, or a way to make it into a Wacom style input device would be ideal, but doubt it's coming anytime soon...
  14. HMI
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    Here's a question related to iCloud / Dropbox:
    There's a Universal App for iOS called "iA Writer" that is a basic note taking app that claims to have iCloud auto-sync. A basic test seems to work really well and rather simply/effortlessly.

    How does (do you think) this app manage to sync with all your iOS devices via iCloud (at least according to their claims)?

    I've spoken with a couple other note app developers, and they keep saying that they are "looking into it" or "have plans to include it in future updates", but never do.

    Either iA Writer found a good way of adding iCloud auto-sync support and the other developers are smoking something, or there is a reason nobody can do this yet, and iA Writer is lying (and using some other method). Which is it?
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    iCloud lets you sync data with the same app on different Apple devices. If you want to access that data in another app and/or on non-apple device then it is useless. Hence the continued preference towards Dropbox.
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    They aren't really the same thing. The ipad version is quite limited in what it can handle, and you have nowhere near the same amount of drawing space. I don't see the two as being really comparable. What I like about the idea of drawing on an ipad is that getting away from the desk feels a little less restrictive when it comes to rough concepting. With something like that, the resolution limits wouldn't bother me so much. Otherwise there's no way I'm pushing 10k files through photoshop touch, and the ipad wouldn't support other software I'd need anyway. I avoided the cintiq due to the combination of price and quality control complaints. I've noticed Wacom go downhill on a hardware level over the past few years, so I really don't want to see how their most expensive options hold up. It's not like I never upgrade. I just have to stagger things at times, so having a $2500 item break at the wrong time would be annoying.
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    There are note apps that work the same way that use Dropbox rather than iCloud. The problem is if you want to edit a note in Notesy and then maybe in Textastic each app has to sync a copy of that file. Whether you use iCloud or Dropbox or Google Docs you will end up trying to maintain separate local copies of a document rather than one copy that all apps have access too. Painful for the user and wasteful on disk space.


    Also Apple don't have a great track record for online services. I'm extremely hesitant to move across to iCloud for that reason.
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    So their iPad version gets pressure support, while the Galaxy 10.1 Note(wacom), and Thinkpad Tablet(N-Trig) don't have it? Adobe does know Wacom and N-Trig are 1 and 2 in this space, and not offering it leave the void open for another developer to try to capitalize from it. I have a few drawing and note taking apps that full utilize the digital pen on my Thinkpad and it is really nice, something my first gen iPad was sorely missing.
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    Recently bought a Bamboo. I'm lovin' it. App is a good second though.

    Nothing like a Wacom on a 27" :)
  20. danahn17, Nov 29, 2012
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    I have the Galaxy Note 10.1 (should I duck and hide?) and I can tell you it comes bundled with PS Touch and that the PS Touch already has pressure sensitivity support. ;) Plus it's more accurate with the built in digitizer.

    I do wish though that they could offer an option (I'd gladly pay more for it too) that would allow the tablet (iPad or Android) to hook up with a computer Photoshop (wirelessly or via USB) and effectively turn the tablet into a mini Cintiq or even an Intuos/Bamboo.

    But I don't think they'd do that since that would just cannibalize the tablets Wacom and others make. I read some stuff about people who looked into accessing the Wacom Digitizer on the Note to essentially turn the Note into a graphic tablet... but it appears there's a lot of technological hinderances (if you're really interested in why, read from post #14 here). That being said, the last post on that thread links to an app that seems to do just that on a different tablet... so the potential/promise is there to bring the feature to iPad or other tablets.
  21. Moonlight, Nov 29, 2012
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    This is what I want! Make this Wacom!

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    I don't think the electromagnetic signal would make it all the way through the iPad and back.

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