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Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) Pricing and Upgrades

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 25, 2007.

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    Adobe is planning a media event on March 27th (Tuesday) to announce Creative Suite 3 pricing and availability. Amazon jumped the gun a little and posted a few pages revealing product specs and pricing for several of the CS3 products with ship dates of April 20th and July 1st, depending on the product.

    We've received pricing information for the entire Adobe CS3 line of products and included it in a table below:

    Click for table

    Prices represent full retail prices and products are linked to Amazon descriptions where applicable. "up"-links denote links to upgrade-products at Amazon. This upgrade pricing (not listed above) is available to owners of earlier versions of Adobe software. To see upgrade prices and see if you can qualify for these updates, see this full upgrade pricing table.

    Adobe's new CS3 bundles can be confusing, so to see what is included in each bundle, refer to this matrix:

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    I've Got A Nose Bleed

    I'll be going academic.
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    Would that I could!
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    Is CS3 running native on the intel machines?
  5. arn
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    are you academic?
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    Ugh at the price hike. I was planning to buy one of the Premium packages with Academic pricing because I assumed the current Creative Suite CS2 Premium was the same price. But it looks like Creative Suite CS2 Premium is the price of the new STANDARD packages.

    Oh well. Can't wait to see Academic pricing.
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    Doctor Q

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    I'm sure glad our school buys in volume at academic prices. Those numbers have a lot of digits in them!
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    Yes, I'm Academic

    Yes I am.
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    Wow. Thats um....really freaking expensive. Thank the lords for academia.
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    Note that the only combination of Photoshop and Dreamweaver is (natch!) the Master edition...

    good pricing guys...the only two items I would ACTUALLY want, and I would have to buy the lot.

    Now where's that Photoshop Killer that Apple have had up their sleeves for the last few years????
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    Can individual students purchase it at a lower price, or is it just for educational institutions purchasing it?
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    All College Students

    Individual students too.
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    I'm just thrilled to see that Flash & Dreamweaver still look like them old selves, it's too soon to say until I get em installed and opened, but it appears Adobe didn't bastardize them *knock wood*
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    Could they when CS2 was(is) out? I don't recall it.
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    Er, I'm not a student, so I'm, out, then.

    iWeb it is, then..
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    Wow those prices are stupiedly to high for starving designers. I mean thats alot of money.

    Good thing I went back to school I hope I can qualify for academic discount.
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    Check the matrix png in the first post...

    didn't check further than that, yet...
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    good to hear the ship date is April 20th... I was worried it would be later. I will be hitting up a friend for employee discount, so luckily these prices don't apply to me. :D
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    yeah my mistake, just trying to figure out what the difference between the regular and the "extended" versions of photoshop are. But it looks to me that the web premium package is what I'm gonna be needing.
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    Individuals can purchase at academic pricing.

    Looks like Production Premium is the best fit for me, hopefully the academic pricing is reasonable.... :)
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    But only if they qualify as students...?!?!?
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    Anyone else notice that Amazon shows the CS3 suites as only available for Windows? They're all available for pre-order...

    There's a Mac version of Photoshop CS3 listed but that's not even in the pre-order stage; just says "we'll email you when it's available". Odd.
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    pretty pricey upgrades
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    Adobe appears to have graduated from the Microsoft Vista School Of Confusing Upgrades.

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