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Adobe enters (Windows) DVD authoring market

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by medea, Mar 31, 2003.

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    Adobe today announced Encore DVD, a professional DVD authoring application that "lets professional videographers, DVD authors and independent producers create sophisticated, multi-language DVDs with stunning interactive menus, multiple audio tracks and subtitles," according to the press release. However, the US$549 software will be Windows-only, partly because the vast majority of Adobe Premiere users have centered on Windows, and partly because Apple already has its own widely distributed DVD package (DVD Studio Pro), Adobe product manager Giles Baker told c|net. "It's a market-driven decision."
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    I wouldn't be surprised if they also stop developing Premiere for the Mac, because of Final Cut Pro..
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    the question is if this new software can compare to dvd studio pro to justify the price difference.

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    Apple needs to buy adobe so they'll shut up.
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    why do i feel that adobe would be something apple couldnt afford. stuff like this happens. when you step on toes s*** happens, in this case apple stepped adobes toes with final cut, although final cut is the best now. adobe is just pissed and does stuff like this.

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    It's a business decision

    I think Adobe has simply determined that there may not be an adequate ROI on the product if they develop it for the Mac.

    Consider Apple's market share and the fact that they've got the low and high end of DVD editing covered. That means less potential sales of this app. That's what's driving Adobe's decision.

    When/if Apple increases market share, more software will be available.
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    I have to agree that this is the direct result of Apple sticking their thumb in Adobe's eye. Again, I will refer you to iPhoto and Steve's comments about Adobe not bringing PS for X to market in a timely fashion... right after Adobe's CEO walked off the stage.

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    i wonder if the reason adobe doesnt dump apple all together is becasue they know apple could just make their own app that everyone would use, just like final cut. or its because money overpowers their anger at apple.

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    Probably the latter iJon. Adobe isn't in any rush to lop off %30 of their revenue. But if Apple ends up only commanding like %20 in the future I could see Adobe making some pretty nasty changes.

    Apple better contact Corel to see how much they can barter for Painter.
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    as an opinion of a designer, apple cannot and never will be able to compete against apps like indesign, photoshop, or illustrator. NOT to say they couldn't release a superior product but Adobe has the market on these types of programs.. In the design industry EVERYTHING is about standards.. anyone ever use InDesign? Its 100x better than quark yet very few design houses have switched because quark is what they know and are set up to use. If Adobe stopped apple support...there would be a mass amounts of switchers.... to the PC. I know I would (i would hate it but.. you have to go with what works).
    Apple and Adobe is like America and China.. both mighty Titans.. but trust me.. if the two clashed it would get very very ugly... so lets just all be friends.
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    i think it's not as complicated or who's mad at who thing. more and more pcs are coming with dvd burners, most gateways, dells, and hps. the dvd software sucks. it lacks options. this is the perfect time to introduce something and as more people migrate into dvd burners, adobe is the top choice to get with it, bundles and what not. however, like others have said, why release it on a mac, mac has idvd and dvd studio, and they work great, wo what would be a reason for somebody to switch? would it be worth the time to develop? probably not, and at the same time we are all saying adobe is mad at apple, if adobe released that and it competed with dvd studio pro, apple might be pretty pissed at them for it, same with that iphoto type app, if it got in the way of iphoto, apple might not take it too well.
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    Right move

    Right on. I am fed up with the windows world too. Apple should buy adobe and discontinue the PC line. Then the have to get an apple and be nice. No other company can close that cap so quickly. But then...

    ....was it just a dream. ahhhhhg

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    I think you are right. Public companies the size of Apple and Adobe just do not make major decisions on bruised egos. It is all about money.

    Adobe would be pretty stupid right now to go after the DVD content creation market on the Mac. Between iDVD and DVD Studio Pro, there just isn't room to make much money.

    The PC market is very different. Most (all?) of the DVD software is crap and the potential total addressable market is considerably greater.
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    You mean between between a product I can't afford and a product I can't run on my PB 667 with any external burner?

    If Adobe released a version of their app for the Mac at $299 they would make a killing. How many people are buying DVD SP just because they can't run iDVD with an external burner on their PB or iMac? There is no way I am shelling out that kind of cash just to burn my home movies on DVD.

    Even if they came out with an App that is half as good as iDVD but is compatible with any DVD burner they would still make money. Either that or they would force Apple to release a version of iDVD accessible to the us pre-superdrive Mac users or a DVD Studio Express at $299 - $399.
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    And you described exactly why Adobe would not enter that market. In your own words, if that market was large enough to be of any significance, Apple could go after it with DVD Studio Express with far less development cost than Adobe could. The fact that Apple has already done this with Final Cut Pro leads me to believe they may release a DVD Studio Express anyway.

    Because Apple has already spent the development dollars and Adobe has not, there isn't room for Adobe. Software is expensive to develop and Adobe isn't going to spend those dollars on an application for a platform involving that much risk.

    Adobe is not in business to make software applications, they are in business to make money by selling software applications.
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    Re: Right move

    Apple should just buy Microsoft and discontinue Windows...
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    well adobe just got slapped in the face again by apple. dvd studio pro 2 with a nice new price of 499. hope adobe doesnt get too mad.

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    iJon. I wouldn't be suprised if Apple told Adobe of their intentions. There's no need to have two DVD Authoring programs at roughly the same price competing. Apple could have let Adobe know before the expended the energy creating a Mac version of Encore.
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    hmm intersting point, that easily makes sense and letting adobe take the windows market.


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