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Adobe Finally Releases Kuler Color-Picking App for iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 30, 2013.

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    Originally announced in October 2011, Adobe has finally released its Adobe Kuler color theme generation app for iPhone.

    The app was to be part of a new suite of mobile apps for Adobe, meant to enhance the desktop experience for desktop artists. Currently, only three of the six apps have been released, Photoshop Touch, Ideas, and Kuler.
    Adobe Kuler is a free download for the iPhone on the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Adobe Finally Releases Kuler Color-Picking App for iPhone
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    Only 3 Released?

    Actually Collage and Proto were released - I have them on my iPad at the moment. Collage was a bit odd and Proto was okay, but they were both released.
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    Glad to have this, but when is Apple going to let us calibrate our iOS device screens? Would love to manually tweak it, or even better, use my ColorMunki calibrator on it.
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    This is a really cool app. So quick at getting color choices.
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    Jessica Lares

    *YAWN* Wake me up when there's iPad support. Tired of all these apps not being universal.

    Tired of being able to open phone apps in fullscreen on an Android tablet and it looking horrible at 2x on an iPad. I mean, COME ON! If Apple already had the APIs for apps to just fill whatever space, why isn't this possible on the iPad? Why can Instagram look good on a 7" tablet and not on an iPad Mini?

    SERIOUS question! I've used Kuler on my Kindle Fire before with no issues.
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    Youre just looking at it wrong.
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    must be a A5 thing, it looked like crap on my iPad 2 too but it looks crystal clear on my iPad 3
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    Its possible on the iPad, but developers have to put it in the code. Why they don't is beyond me.
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    Thats why jailbreak exists - there is an app for that :)
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    Jessica Lares

    It's a Retina thing. It'll show the upscaling properly on Retina displays, but not on the iPad 1, 2, or Mini.
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    I thought the color gamut was near 100% accurate on these retina displays, how to improve on perfection?
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    Handy for web development. Just wish Adobe would allow you to convert the RGB to CMYK values or, better yet, give you Pantone suggestions. That would be killer.
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    Unfortunately my camera (3GS) is a potato, so the only colours i'll get will be brown, light brown, and potato peel brown.
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    The gamut just describes the range of possible colors, you still need to calibrate for accuracy so you can tell your pink from your fuchsia. iPhone and iPad screens are usually decent from the factory as these things go, but they are not optimal.
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    RetinaPad and FullForce for iPad. Boom.
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    Jessica Lares

    I lost my jailbreak. :eek:
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    iOS auto-layout is weak

    The problem is that auto-layout didn't exist in earlier versions of iOS, and the implementation in the current version is weak. It is difficult to use and not very flexible.

    On the other hand, a robust layout management system has been built into Android since day one. So it is much easier to write apps for Android that scale to arbitrary device dimensions.

    Don't get me wrong - I love iOS. The lack of a decent auto-layout system is actually my biggest gripe with it.


    Developers don't do it because it is not as easy as it should be. Apple really needs to improve the development experience in this area.
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    this app is awesome, really fast and smooth.
    adobe is making really awesome apps.
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    really awesome app, cool editing features, i love it.:D
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    adobe has done it again! awesome app with lots of options and customization. highly recommended.
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    *cough cough* ... It's coming...
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    I'm really liking the app; used it to get the color scheme of my Waldorf synth -

    Once they reactivate the syncing for Creative Cloud and update the Suite of desktop apps (June 17th) this will be extra killer, as the color palettes will show up in Photoshop and Illustrator (I think the public swatches are currently searchable in the panel, but your actual account will apparently show up with the coming update.)
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