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Adobe/Macromedia merger may see products dropped

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 11, 2005.

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    in other news, water is wet, ice is cold, and objects hurled toward the sun have a tendancy to burn.
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    Wow! Next thing they'll be telling us that the merger will result in job losses...
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    <LukeSkywalker>NOOOOOOOOO!!!! That's not true! It can't be!</LukeSkywalker>
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    Captain Canuck

    Freehand must not die.....

    "...the report observes that the GoLive, Fireworks and FreeHand products may be sold."

    Not the first time Freehand has been sold. This may actually be good for Freehand users seeing as Macromedia hasn't bothered to update Freehand much in the last few years, although it depends who picks it up. It would be great if Apple did but not likely. The only other company I can think of that might be interested is Quark!

    Guess time will tell.

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    haha I was post my own smart*** comment about this but I don't think I can beat that :D
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    Freehand is PRO

    Illustrator BLOWS.
    Yes, I am a designer. (professional! not on PC!)
    Yes,.I've been trained on both platforms.
    Yes, I've used both.
    Yes, Illustrator is more popular.
    Freehand is more intuitive; ala Macintosh.
    Sad news.....

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